Wellbeing at DISD

We are here to help our students with any worries and needs they may have, and we are happy to be there for them, especially in the current difficult situation of distance learning.

Wellbeing Team

Psych. Department

Petra Eyre
Head of Wellbeing

Nurka Bulic
School Psychologist

Katharina Koenig
School Psychologist

SV Connection Teacher

Liaison Teacher

Zeljko Babic

Head of Secondary School I

Viktoria Opetnik

Class Teacher, 6c

Peer Mediators

Non-violent communication 

DISD Peer Mediators share


„There is a whole checklist for the mediation process.

But since we are all individual we usually put extra attention to the things we consider as crucial.

For me it is the ability to empathize with others, with their feelings and emotions.

It comes naturally with my personality and helps my fellow students to feel understood.”

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In the school year 2018-19 we introduced the peer mediators project in our school and are proud to present our team. We call them intermediaries, conflict arbiters or simply Peer Mediators. They are skilled to mediate in conflicts and support in searching for solutions.

We have an expression in German – “when two people quarrel, the third one rejoices “, but we prefer to say – “when two persons quarrel, the third one helps!”
Our Peer Mediators are: Eric Tadros, Nils Tröger, Khadija Sedky, Ty Stevens, Karma Elgharib, Valentina Meier

We aim to improve the social skills of our students through this project and to show them various ways of non-violent conflict resolutions.

Anti-Bullying Team

We are delighted to introduce our Anti Bullying Team to you. It is a team of students from the secondary school, who will function as a contact point and support group for fellow students in case any signs of exclusion or bullying are occurring.

They have been trained by the Dubai Police to become ‘Safety Ambassadors’, which is part of an initiative to improve the level of safety in the classroom. This program was set-up in Dubai to support children and protect them against any harm or violence. The ambassadors educate fellow students about their rights and what to do if they face any sign of bullying.

The team consist of: Ahmed Batal, Nils Tröger, Filippos Karaspiros, Youssef Ghanem, Karma Elgharib, Ty Stevens, Razaan Eid, Seraa Eid and Geena DeMartin

NEWS: Our DISD Anti-Bullying Team has received an award from the Human Rights Department of the Dubai Police for its great work. Congratulations! Our school counselor Mrs. Irina Lisak, responsible for the team, accepted the award.

Motivational tip from our school counselor Irina Lisak:

“We are all visionaries – and that is something that can motivate us well when we “think big”. But when it comes to everyday tasks, it usually has a demotivating effect if we take on too much. Find 3 to 5 things on your to-do list that should definitely be done and do them first. This will give you the feeling that you have done the essential and will increase your motivation to work.”

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