The German International School Dubai is the Regional Training Center (ReFo Center) for all German Schools Abroad in Region L (Arab region and South Africa / Namibia).

The ReFo Center Dubai organizes the in-service training.

The in-service training program is planned by the Pedagogical Advisory Board of the region with the aim to ensure and increase the quality of teaching at the German schools abroad. The Pedagogical Advisory Board is composed of all principals of the German schools abroad in Region L and the process facilitator Mr. Christian Metken.

The training program is aimed at teachers who teach at one of the German schools abroad in the region. The main areas of in-service training include: Inclusion, Mid-Level Management, Effective Learning, German as a Foreign Language (DaF), German-Speaking Subject Teaching (DFU), German International Abitur (DIA).


Christian Metken M.A.

Process facilitator for the German Schools Abroad in Region L

Mail: pb-dubai@auslandsschulwesen.de

Here you will find an overview of the training events planned for the calendar year 2022.