Principal’s Greeting



Dear parents, dear pupils, dear families,

The new school year is starting and I am pleased to be a part of this new start. My name is Michael Lummel and I am the new principal at DISD. I very much look forward to soon getting to know you as parents and pupils in person, be this in the parents’ café, at the kick-off event on 5th September, when I visit all the classes at the beginning of the school year or simply informally in the foyer shortly before lessons begin.

I look forward to my time in Dubai with great anticipation. During this fascinating challenge I will be accompanied by my family, my wife Uta and my two children Neela (14) and Jule (12), who will both be pupils at DISD. During our last post abroad in Singapore, Neela had just been born and Jule was born shortly after we had arrived in Germany again. We are now venturing on this “foreign adventure” very consciously as a family. Before Singapore I had already had the opportunity to acquire experience abroad when studying at the University of Massachusetts in the USA and in various jobs as a pupil, student and teacher. The Arabic world is a whole new experience for me now and I am very excited.

We’ve already hit the ground running at DISD. Since Easter when I was officially confirmed as the principal and after I had already worked at DISD for a week, some important structural reforms have already been introduced which will benefit our pupils. More on this shortly. In this context I would like to express my deep thanks for the excellent cooperation with the school board, the head of administration Nadja Röhrle as well as Sammy Wafi, the temporary school principal in recent months, my current deputy. The great openness and cordiality from all sides of the school family was overwhelming.

All the very best and until we meet

Michael Lummel