DISD school counselor supports parents in the school community with valuable tips.

Wellbeing plays an important role at DISD. It’s not just about the well-being of students, but also focuses on staff and parents. Distance learning is an added burden for many parents during this difficult time. In addition, there is the concern for children’s development in times of “social distancing.”

On Tuesday, February 16, we held our “Parent CafĂ© Digital” on “Positive Parenting Strategies during the Pandemic”. The new school counselor Mrs. Nurka Bulic presented examples and solutions of the challenges for

parents and children in times of homeschooling. Afterwards, parents had the opportunity to ask questions. We are glad that the parents took the opportunity to inform themselves and to get involved in this currently important topic. Basically, the school psychology service at DISD always has an open ear for parents as well and Mrs. Bulic is happy to address parents’ school concerns.

Below, Mrs. Bulic has compiled 5 valuable tips for you on the topic:

Make time for yourself
In order to be able to perform everyday activities, we have to make sure that we take care of ourselves first. If we have some time for ourselves, with activities we love or a simple cup of coffee in peace, we will have more energy and patience. There is always 15 minutes that we can take for ourselves.

Every family does have its routine, but often there is no schedule except for the obligations. Create a nice structure of things that have to be done, but include some family activity, alone time with the children, board games, etc. Your schedule will become more pleasant and you will be looking forward to it.

Lower your expectations
Not everything has to be done in a perfect manner. In these challenging times, we make our lives more complicated if we demand perfectionism from ourselves.

Set up priorities
Not everything in our lives has the same priority. When making a schedule, first write what has to be done. Then, plan for the things that are good for your family (activities, family time). After that, make a list of the things that you would like to complete, but are not essential. You can focus on them later or when you have more time.

We tend to ask our beloved ones how they are doing, but we do not ask ourselves the same question. How am I doing today? How am I doing lately? What is bothering me? Can I do something to change my feelings? With the self-reflection, you can get the clear state of your mind, react accordingly and for example you can take some time alone if you are too stressed.