Opening of the newly expanded DISD school clinic

The newly expanded school clinic was opened with an official photo session on May 23. The event was attended by Principal Michael Lummel and his deputy, Dr. Sammy Wafi, as well as Head of Administration Nadja Röhrle and Facility Manager Bibinosh Cherian, and the DISD Board Member for Property Bernd Schmidt.

Principal Lummel and Board Member Schmidt each addressed Dr. Keli and her team briefly and took the opportunity to tour the new space, which meets all the requirements of a modern, barrier-free school clinic and the Covid 19 regulations.

This school year, the school clinic team has been expanded, as schools with 750 or more students are required to have a female doctor and two nurses on site at all times.

The team consists of Dr. Zaineb Keli and two school nurses, Hilde Arnold and Arlene Lucas. It is present at all times during the school day and lovingly cares for sick or injured children, provides first aid and performs general health checks and vaccinations.

“The premises had to be adapted to the enlarged team, and the Board was happy to provide support,” said Bernd Schmidt, who played a key role in assisting Facility Management and the administrative management with the planning and implementation. He expressed his satisfaction with the implementation of the remodeling work.

Principal Lummel described the expansion of the school clinic as a sign that the DISD is constantly developing and also praised the implementation as well as the excellent work of the team.