News from the board regarding the Member’s meeting on November 25th

Dear parents and members of the school association,

The Board of DISD is happy to announce the partly new elected Board: Thomas Harenberg, Munier Al-Amoudi, Heiko Marold, Gabriela Katiela, Wadad Kafka (newly elected), Patrick Braunschweig (newly elected), Götz Rößner (re-elected) and Günter Rauer (head of the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Dubai and born member of the Board).

We would like to thank all members, who attended the first General Assembly Meeting of the school year 2018/19, for your time and we hope that everyone arrived home safely.

We would also like to thank Christian Esters and Johannes Hummer, who have left the Board, for their commitment and work during their tenure.

We are looking forward to a good and close cooperation with all stakeholders and committees of our school and thank you for your trust.


Yours sincerely

DISD Board