New Employees 2021

An overview and short introduction of our new employees in the new school year .

Please visit the website for the full info on contact persons in Kindergarten, Primary School and Secondary School.

June 2021


Ludger Bär is the new Head of Kindergarten at DISD and takes over the role from Matthias Preiß. Ludger has a degree in pedagogy and has already worked in this position from 2013 to 2017. He is very happy to be an active member of our kindergarten and school community again and we wish him a great start.


May 2021


Judith Andreas is the new grade 3b primary teacher at DISD. She is replacing Lucrezia Ballacchino until the end of the school year. Judith comes from Heidelberg and studied Physical Education and German at the university there. She is married and has been living in Dubai for a week. Judith is very much looking forward to her new task here at our school and we wish her a great start.



Sandra Krauser is the new Primary  School Librarian at our school. She is taking over the position of Yvonne Rein-Hamurcu. Sandra is a qualified industrial clerk and worked for many years as office manager of a business tower in Hamburg. She has been living in the UAE for 6 years and worked for 1.5 years in the Mediathek at the German International School Abu Dhabi. Welcome and a good start at DISD.


April 2021


Muhammed Munda Kunil is the new IT Administrator at our school and assists Rineez Ameer in his team. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering and has worked for Frontline International Private School Ajman for the past 4 years. Muhammed is married and has one daughter. We wish him a good start at DISD.



Mary Arlene Lucas works as a nurse at our school, assisting Dr. Zaineb Keli and Nurse Hilde Arnold in our school clinic. She is originally from the Philippines where she worked for the Army General Hospital. Mary Arlene has been living in Dubai for 8 years and has worked in various school clinics in the region for the past 5 years. We wish Mary Arlene a great start at DISD.



Marwana Shahin is working as an assistant teacher at our school. She is very happy to support the whole team for the next 3 months. Mrs. Shahin worked at the Goethe Institute in Saudi Arabia for 1 year before moving to Abu Dhabi for 2 years. Since December 2021 she lives with her husband and daughter in Dubai.



Anne-Sophie Hille is working at our school as an assistant teacher. She is very much looking forward to her future tasks and we wish her a good start. Mrs. Hille has been living in Dubai with her husband since 2019. Before that, she studied in Nürnberg and will take her exams this summer. We wish her every success.


March 2021


Jobin Johns is a new employee in the DISD Facility Team and takes over the position from Mubashir Aranikal. Mr. Johns will be a technician and driver at our school. He comes from Kerala in India, is married and has one daughter. For the past 3 years Jobin Johns has been living in Dubai, where he last worked as a technician for the Emirates Group.


February 2021


Florian Herrmann is the new secretary at our school, taking over the position from Nazan Bürger. He is new in Dubai and is looking forward to the new challenge. Mr. Herrmann comes originally from Vienna, where he most recently worked as an administrative assistant.


January 2021


Rainer Geburzyk is the new art teacher at DISD. He comes from Frankfurt and interrupts his retirement for the next 6 months to take over the position of Antonia Gadzo. Mr. Geburzyk has worked as a teacher of art and politics and economics in Germany and Singapore for 39 years. In his spare time he is active as an artist (painter). He is also an avid outdoor fan and enjoys exploring the desert of the Emirates together with his wife Petra.



Nurka Bulic is the new school psychologist at DISD, taking over the position from Irina Lisak. Ms. Bulic is a native of Bosnia and has been living in Dubai for 2 years. She has spent the last few years working in Bosnia, Turkey and Germany and is very much looking forward to working with the students and parents.



Yvonne Würtz is state certified business administrator and supports the Marketing Team from now on. She has multiple years of experience in Sales Marketing with focus on Event Management and worked for Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart. Since 3 years, she has been living in Dubai with her husband and worked in her previous position as Sales and Marketing Manager for Bloom Outdoor Furniture Dubai.



Nadine Frömmel Hick joined our school as DAF teacher. She has already taught at our school from 2019 to 2020 and returned to Dubai with her family in 2021. We wish Mrs. Froemmel Hick a great new start at DISD.



Paula Pfiester works as an educator in the Kraken group at our school. Yoga and meditation techniques play an important role in her everyday life, also in her kindergarten group. She lives together with her family in Dubai.