Lantern Procession at DISD

Like in the previous years, the German International School Dubai hosted a Lantern procession with many guests. Even far away from Germany, the traditional procession is popular with the children attending Kindergarten and first grade. The children had crafted beautiful lanterns and rehearsed new songs in preparation of the day. The new head of Kindergarten Mrs Daniela Schwenke and her team mastered the challenge to organize a procession for twelve Kindergarten groups and three school classes. Collectively, they had decorated the school grounds and created a cozy atmosphere.

The procession took place on Sunday, November 12th. Numerous families started the afternoon with a picnic in the inner school yard. The traditional pastry Weckmänner was available as well and greatly appreciated. The parents enjoyed the friendly get-together while the children could hardly wait to lighten up their self-made lanterns. The school’s principal Helmut Jolk and the head of board Johannes Hummer were also attending the festivities.

With sunset, more than 400 participants began to gather on the sports field, where songs about the holiday St. Martin were sung and played on the guitar. Afterwards, the procession started with cheerful singing and the children carrying their lanterns proudly. When the procession ended, the participants met in the inner school yard again to enjoy the nice atmosphere in beautiful weather conditions of Dubai’s fall.


Text: Franca Schucht