Joint evening for the DISD staff

On Oct. 7, the DISD Board of Directors invited the entire staff of the German International School Dubai (DISD) to a joint dinner at Sofitel Dubai The Obelisk, in compliance with Corona requirements.

It has been an annual tradition for the Board to invite the staff as a thank you at the end of the school year. Due to the Corona pandemic, this was not possible in the last two school years and has now been made up for to everyone’s great delight.

Chairman of the Board Dr. Munier Al-Amoudi opened the evening with a short speech in which he thanked all DISD employees for their great commitment during the pandemic. He praised the exemplary effort, not only during the distance learning period, but also in the new school routine with hybrid teaching since last school year.

Afterwards, Principal Michael Lummel took the opportunity to thank the members of the Board for their active and valuable support during the pandemic. He also thanked the entire staff for their tireless efforts. Staff Councilor Mathias Herz echoed the words of the principal and reminded his colleagues of the tremendous effort they have put in with the new challenges of digital and hybrid teaching. Afterwards, Dr. Al-Amoudi gave the word to Deputy Consul General and DISD School Manager Andreas Wegner, who particularly praised DISD’s position and performance in the pandemic, compared to the other German Schools Abroad around the world.

In a relaxed atmosphere and with delicious food, the DISD staff and the Board of Directors took the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas outside of the daily school routine.