Guided Tour at the Dubai Opera

Class 10b had the chance to take part in a guided tour of the Dubai Opera on Thursday, 16th November 2017.

With the effort of their German teacher Thilo Berk, they could see behind the scenes of the main address for culture in Dubai. The students had enjoyed the South African Musical Mandela in the Opera the week before and now they received interesting background information about the architecture, engineering and the shows.

The Opera, which was only opened in August 2017, is built in the shape of a dhow, a traditional Emirati fisher boat and boasts with a first-class acoustic. The students were particularly impressed by the design of the opera hall, which can host up to 2000 guests seated.

The class 10b was one of the first groups to enjoy this tour. Currently DISD is in negotiations with the management of the Opera so more students can attend guided tours and shows for special conditions.

Text: Franca Schucht