On June 6th, our 26 high school graduates and six middle school graduates received their diplomas by Deputy Consul General Andreas Wegner. With a fantastic grade point average of 2.03, our high school graduates were once again well above the national average.

57% of the DISD class achieved an Abitur average of 2.0. 27% completed the highest German school-leaving qualification with 1.5 or better. Three DISD students, Edwin Sam, Majed Hassan and Seyna Sidaoui, or 11.5% of the class, graduated with the dream Abitur average of 1.0. This has never happened before at DISD. Laena Benasroune (1.2), Waleed Aldabbas (1.4), Saorise Murtagh (1.5) and Sarah Quiroga Gonzales (1.5) completed the great results.

Speakers Principal Michael Lummel, Deputy Consul General Andreas Wegner and DISD Board Member Gregor Amon congratulated the graduates.

Michael Lummel emphasized in his speech, “that for many of them the German language is by no means the first language, but one language among several.” Gregor Amon described the graduates of the German schools abroad as the flagship of the German education system in the world. “The German International Abitur is the ticket to a professional life with many opportunities all over the world. Make something of it. The future belongs to those who change it.”

Andreas Wegner echoed this in his words. “Today you have reached the first major milestone of your life. Now a new phase of your life begins. You will learn to continue to bear responsibility, to make decisions independently and to plan your future on your own. And even if you sometimes stray from the actual plan, there are always new routes to the goal. Be brave and be tolerant,” he advised the graduates.

A big thank you also went to all the parents and teachers of the graduating classes. In particular, the class teachers Simone Suffel (10a), Melanie Zaidi (10b), Stefanie Altay (12a) and Marcus Brösgen (12b) as well as the secondary school heads Zeljko Babic and Andrea Schöne, who accompanied the graduates intensively.

In conclusion, principal Michael Lummel told the graduates to be ambitious. “You have your high school diplomas. But now things are really just getting started. Have courage, be confident and be hungry for what is to come. Make yourself useful by making the world a better place, in small ways, as maybe sometimes in bigger ways. Make something of your life. When we live up to our potential, we are happier people. I am absolutely convinced of that,” said Michael Lummel.

The emotional closing scene of the event was the final ringing of the school bell for the graduates. All the best and good luck to our graduating class of 2022!