First Day of School 2020

For first graders and their families, the first day of school is an important milestone, which is usually celebrated at DISD at the beginning of the school year. This year, the traditional school enrollment ceremony had to be cancelled due to the Covid 19 pandemic, as school events are not allowed.

In addition, parents are currently not allowed to accompany their children into the school building due to security measures. The requirement, announced at short notice, of the school authorities that students whose arrival in the UAE was less than 14 days ago must first start in distance learning, posed a further challenge for the primary school team.

For this reason, it was decided to provide a digital first day of school for all first-graders. This gave the students the opportunity to get to know each other virtually, but without masks, and no one was excluded. Everyone was allowed to introduce themselves and show their colorful and creative school cones (Schultüte). Primary school principal Inga Rehbein came by virtually, greeted each class and introduced herself to the students. A first look into the classroom was possible via webcam. Digital teaching and the use of classroom applications has been part of everyday school life for all DISD classes since the start of the corona pandemic. Many of the first graders were already familiar with distance learning from their pre-school days at DISD.

As a result of many new registrations at short notice, the DISD first year level was extended by one more class. This year, about 70 students were enrolled in four classes. Due to the short notice, the class leadership of 1d was taken over by two part-time employees. Each class has a mascot, which unfortunately only this year is not allowed to be touched and cuddled, but still helps the children to settle in. Class 1a is led by Mrs. Melanie Dziergwa and supported by a little sweet raven. Class 2b is the class of Mrs. Ines Winkelmann and the class mascot Frog Fridolin. Class 1c is the class of Mrs. Kaya Waltersberger and has a cute fox and class 1d, which is jointly led by Mrs. Janine Müller and Mrs. Marion Kleine Büning, has a funny green snake.

In order to give the first graders enough space and time to learn the strict distance rules, the elementary school decided to stagger the first day of attendance. One half of the class stayed at home for distance learning. The teachers were able to respond individually to the little newcomers.

Equipped with school uniforms, a packed school bag and a full school cone (Schultüte), the second week of school saw four warm welcomes to DISD for first graders. Before the students started their first day at DISD, they had the opportunity to take a souvenir photo with their parents in front of the building.

Primary school principal Mrs. Rehbein, the class teachers and, as a support, the pre-school teachers, who many first graders already knew, welcomed the excited students at the entrance and helped them on their first walk to the classroom. Of course, the safety distance was taken into account. The children marched into the classrooms, where the rest of the class was connected via zoom. All first-graders learned the rules quickly and from week 3 of the new school year, all first classes were able to take part in the face-to-face lessons.