Enrollment ceremony at the DISD

Finally at school! Equipped in a school uniform, with a school bag and a bulging school bag as well as with a beating heart and a big portion of anticipation – this is how the first graders started their very first school day at DISD on Thursday, September 5th.

The 85 school beginners were enrolled in four first classes. Mrs. Ines Ehmanns is the teacher of the Saluki class 1a, Mrs. Cornelia Kraus is the teacher of the cat class 1b, Mrs. Betül Altubay is the teacher of the panda class 1c and Mr. Ludwig Heisters is the teacher of the duck class 1d.

The morning started with an introductory event in the school canteen. There, the new pupils were not only warmly welcomed by the new DISD headmaster Michael Lummel and the head teacher Inga Rehbein as well as their class teachers, but also by the pupils of the second classes. As is the tradition at DISD, they had rehearsed great songs and poems for the new first-graders to take away their nervousness. In addition, fifth grade students presented a song in Arabic.

After the program, the children were called to the stage by their class teachers and the first lesson began. There, they could get to know each other and their class teachers and design their name badges. In addition, the class mascots were introduced, there was singing and homework was already given up.

Meanwhile the parents stayed at the gallery of the school canteen. Another tradition at the DISD is that the parents of the second graders bake cakes for the school opening ceremony. So the parents could get to know each other over coffee and delicious cake. Afterwards they were allowed to pick up their children in the classroom and had souvenir photos taken by the school photographer.

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