DISD Reading Competition

Based on the nationwide reading competition that takes place every year in Germany, a reading competition was held again this year at the German International School Dubai (DISD).

In the run up to the competition, the best two or three readers in each grade were chosen by their classmates. These candidates were then allowed to read a section of text from their favorite book in front of their classmates and were then evaluated by the jury, consisting of students and class teacher. The evaluation points included emphasis and reading flow. After that, each of the readers had to recite from a text written by someone else. The final evaluation and thus the determination of the respective grade winner was evaluated and determined at the end. Afterwards, the winners of the first, second and third place were honored with a certificate and a prize.

At the final on Thursday, March 11, the grade winners competed against each other. The jury consisted of Board Member Sener Erkol, Secondary School Teacher Susanne Bode, Secondary School Teacher Stefanie Altay and Elementary School Librarian Yvonne Rein-Harmurcu. Fellow students were also present to cross their fingers in support of the finalists. Unfortunately, due to the Corona distance rules, not all classmates could be present. Therefore, the competition was transmitted to the classrooms via Zoom.

After a very exciting competition, Moritz Ehmanns, grade 6a, won in the end against his 2 fellow competitors Laiba Hussain from 6b and Hala Hassan from 6c. He won a book prize as well as the first membership of the newly founded BiblioThopia Club for frequent readers. Second place winner Laiba Hussain and third place winner Hala Hassan also won a membership. The book prize was ceremoniously presented to the winner Moritz Ehmanns by Principal Michael Lummel. Memberships for the BiblioThopia Club were presented by Librarian and Founder of the club Ms. Jessica Scherneck.

As the winner of the DISD reading competition, Moritz will represent DISD at the big school reading competition on 25.03.2021 against Swiss International Scientific School Dubai (SISD) and the German International School Sharjah (DISS).