Under the motto Reconnect, the Frankfurt Book Fair took place at the end of October. Our librarians Mrs. Scherneck and Mrs. Krauser took the opportunity to connect with many publishers and authors.

The Frankfurt Book Fair had thousands of new publications to offer this year as well. But who is supposed to read all that and how do you find the best reads?

Our two librarians, Ms. Scherneck and Ms. Krauser, did their utmost to select and purchase the latest and in some cases award-winning works for Bibliothopia and LeseOase. They ordered a total of 700 books for our secondary and elementary school libraries. A blessing for the promotion of reading and the German language at DISD.

Some of the new books are even signed by the authors. For example, “Angekommen” by B├╝lent Ceylan, “Glitter-Schnitter” by Sven Regener or “Poesie und Pandemie” by Safiye Can.

The Frankfurt Book Fair is the largest in the world and has always been a meeting place for book lovers and librarians. For our two librarians, it was an important “meeting place” with organizations (for example with ZfA, the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad), publishers and authors, in addition to book acquisitions.

So it will be exciting for our next book week in primary and secondary schools in March 2022. This much we can already reveal. We are in contact and first negotiations with various cultural institutions to invite you one of the probably funniest authors.

Text: Jessica Scherneck, DISD Librarian