Digital Day of German Unity at DISD

Also this year the German Unity Day was celebrated at the DISD with great projects. The kindergarten already celebrated on the Thursday before the holiday. The groups were busy doing handicrafts and the children learned a lot about Germany. Some even came to the kindergarten dressed appropriately, either in traditional costume, in the German colors or in a soccer jersey.

On Sunday, October 4, there was a celebration at school. In the primary school, the students worked on various projects for the German national holiday in their “Sachkunde” (general knowledge) classes on that day. For example, the 2nd grade created a theme booklet on “30 Years of German Unity” and painted the Brandenburg Gate in a joint effort.

In the secondary school of the DISD, as every year, the students of the 10th grades were responsible for the project day on German Unity Day. Due to the corona conditions, the whole thing only took place online, with zoom meetings and via the school app Showbie. In addition, the tenth graders worked in impressive teamwork to compile their content for the project day on a website, which all students could then explore with their iPads. It contains a welcome video, artwork, a timeline and facts from German history, information and a worksheet on the German National Anthem, interviews with contemporary witnesses and much more. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of German Unity, two students even designed a logo especially for the event. The site can be reached at

The project day began with a digital meeting on Zoom, in which German Consul General Holger Mahnicke addressed the students. Afterwards, the classes worked on the projects with the help of the website put together by the students. An online quiz, in which everyone took part, tested what they had learned and the students with the best results were chosen as class winners. At the end, everyone gathered again via Zoom and the principal Michael Lummel gave a speech in which he shared his personal memories of the day the Berlin Wall fell and thanked the students for their great work.