Excellent teaching in a learning school

DISD is an innovative and learning school.


We continuously strive for excellence in all categories.


Students, teachers and school leadership work in teams and continuously optimize their learning, teaching and leadership qualities.


Evidence based decisions and instructional leadership make our quality development efficient and child-centered

A multilingual environment

DISD students thrive in a multilingual environment and develop into true global citizens. Starting in nursery school we attach great importance to the mastery of the German language as a core competence. This reflects in our interdisciplinary, creative and evidence-based listening and reading concepts. We teach French and Arabic (for non-native speakers) professionally and efficiently as foreign languages. Many of our students reach a native speaker level in several languages, in particular in German, English and Arabic

German engineering spirit

We foster the unique German engineering spirit.


We aspire STEM excellence (science, technology, engineering, maths) from nursery school to the Abitur.

We achieve this through explorative, research-based learning, a competitive culture, targeted support for gifted students and intensive contacts to research institutes and companies.

Hereby we instill an spirit of research and entrepreneurial spirit in our students.

Outstanding learning environment

DISD provides an outstanding and inspiring learning environment.


Our state-of-the-art facilities cater to our students┬┤ needs in every category, be it sports or science.

We are implementing iPad-classes with an innovative evidence based approach.

The city, region and the world become our classrooms in stimulating national and international excursions and exchange programs.

The student as an individual

DISD students learn how to express themselves in a holistic way through sport, theatre, art, collaboration and multiple other ways.


Cognitively, we encourage critical thinking and individual problem-solving.


We offer active and personalized learning and provide answers to children with special educational needs just as much as for gifted students.

A school community based on shared values

DISD strives for fair, tolerant and humane interaction within our school family on a daily basis.


Our students experience and learn a sense of responsibility, creativity and critical thinking.


We stand for traditional values such as determination and discipline, which we regard as modern key competences.

Our goal is to strive successfully for happiness.