Welcome to the DISD Libraries

Covid-19 rules for the library

Some new regulations also apply in the library. We ask students to observe the following safety regulations:

  • When entering the library, please always disinfect your hands at the dispenser.
  • Only up to 17 people are allowed in each of the libraries at the same time.
  • The following media may not be borrowed:
    • Games with small parts
    • Headphones
    • Pens, scissors etc.
  • Browse is unfortunately not possible. Each book that has been touched must be left for 3 days and disinfected. We therefore ask you to use the possibility of online reservation.
  • Please also keep a distance of 2 meters between each other in the library and pay attention to the floor markings. Masks are compulsory.
  • Please put books for return into the provided boxes. The books will then be disinfected and returned after a period of three days.

Registration for Secondary Library Use

In the event that a new positive Covid-19 case occurs at our school, we need a complete proof of direct contacts.

Before you visit the library, please make sure you therefore here in the list to the desired time window: Registration Sheet
With a registration you may enter the library during your registered time slot.  Disinfect your hands and show the librarian your student ID.

IMPORTANT: Covering new textbooks

Covering the textbooks is necessary to protect them from dirt and damage. It is best to use foil, so that the books are optimally protected. You will be charged for damaged books. Please also make sure that the name of the student is written in the intended table at the front of the book so that the books are not mixed up and can be quickly assigned in case of loss.

Our two libraries together offer more than 26500 books (German, English, French, Arabic titles), over 150 games, 1400 DVDs and 12 current German journals. Every year we add about 1000 media, which means that we as a school abroad are always up to date with the latest literary developments. In addition, we take up current developments and offer the Generation Z exciting digital technologies and platform access for online reading. For example:

Tablets & PC workstations
3D Printer
Ting Pens & TipToi
Virtual Reality Games & Glasses
Literacy pro

Our Libraries

Secondary School: Bibliothopia 

Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday: 08:00 am to 4 pm

The library is closed on Sundays.

Primary School: Lese-Oase

Opening Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 07:50 am to 2:10 pm

The library is closed in Sundays.

Our Librarians

Mag. Jessica Scherneck


Sandra Krauser

Responsible for the Primary School Library

Use of the DISD-Libraries and Library Catalogue

Who can use the library? All DISD students can borrow media free of charge in the DISD libraries.

How can I borrow media? At the beginning of the school year every student received a student card which can be used to borrow media and which also serves as a library card. The student card is not transferable, i.e. it is only lent to persons present. There is no lending without the student card.

Where are the libraries? The reading oasis is the library for primary school students from 1st to 4th grade and the kindergarten. It is located on the ground floor of the primary school between the first and second classes between the corridors. Bibliotopia is the library for secondary school students from the 5th to the 12th class and for adults. It is located on the ground floor between the fifth classes from the entrance on the left.

How can I reserve or extend media? In the online library catalogue (in German)  you can log into the library account at the top right. The login data will always be sent by e-mail at the beginning of the school year. Overdue books can be extended in the account and reservations can be saved free of charge. In addition, an appraisal/remark can also be written for each book. An automatic e-mail informs the user when the reserved medium is available. It is put back for 1 week.

Due to the current Covid-19 rules, please try to look for books online and reserve them there instead of browsing though the libraries.

On the right side of the online library catalog you will find a search mask with title, author or keyword, where you can find a specific book title or books on a specific topic. You can also be inspired by the slideshow of the new entries. We will put the order together in a package that the students can then pick up in the library.

“Makerspace” – Laboratory fro Ideas

Our secondary school library is a “Makersspace”. It offers users access to new technologies, a space for creativity. To implement and try out ideas and to test new concepts, e.g.: Geomag, construction kits, merge cube, green screen.

But the most important task of the library is also to impart information literacy to all pupils by showing search strategies and techniques that simplify self-determined learning and prepare pupils for their studies. In this way, the library creates free access to the Munzinger catalogue, a portal for press, culture and science databases. Our librarians help the students to select a good book or suitable literature and to find the right sources.

Our libraries are not just for borrowing books, but a meeting place for leisure and a lively cultural arena. In the libraries, we offer: Breakout game sets, mini billiards, air hockey tables and more.

In all classes there is a library lesson on the timetable. In addition, regular events take place in the libraries, e.g. author readings, library night, flea market, poetry slam, monthly puzzles, craft and painting activities and competitions.

Our librarians are always happy about book donations!

Here are the User Rules for using the library.

You will find our entire offer in the library catalogue: Enter author, title or keyword and browse through our large collection.