Together for our children

Wir machen Schule

Members of the DISD Advisory Board are elected by parents for a two-year period. Thereafter, they may stand for re-election.

The Advisory Board deals with topics from the areas of HR, finance, marketing and communication, administration, school community and school development, as well as property and law. It meets regularly with the various bodies of the school, such as the school administration, the parents' council, the staff council and the student council to gain insight into the current topics of the school.

Munier Al-Amoudi

Head of the Advisory Board, of Facility Management Committee, Deputy Finance Committee

Dr. Munier Al-Amoudi is an entrepreneur with degrees in Medicine, Management of Health and Social Services and an MBA. He joined DISD Advisory Board in 2016 , where he has served functions in HR, FM, Admin, and Legal over the years, and has served as Head of the Advisory Board since 2019. "I want to use this voluntary position to help shape DISD as an intersection of languages, cultures and systems. Our children are to be provided with a high quality German school education abroad. The quality and reputation of our school should be steadily expanded."

Gregor Amon

Deputy Head of the Advisory Board, Head of Administration Committee, Deputy Human Resources Committee, Deputy Communications/Marketing/Events

"Open, direct and honest communication is key for respectful relations with each other. That's why it's of a particular concern of mine to make an important contribution to this, with my work on the Advisory Board."

Sener Erkol

Advisory Board for Human Resources, Deputy for property

Diplom Betriebswirt (FH) with focus on marketing East Asia, Japan. After many years in Japan as a consultant for market analysis and market entry strategies in various industries, Sener Erkol brings experience as a leader from the regions of Asia, West-East Europe and Middle East. He wants to act as an extended arm for the parents/customers on the one hand and support the daily requirements of the HR department on the other hand. The goal is to find, retain and develop the best possible staff.

Patrick Braunschweig

Advisory Board as treasurer for finances

Patrick Braunschweig's background is in advising finance and strategy departments of large and mid-sized companies. He supports DISD with his work on the Advisory Board in the area of finance.

Frank Duve

Advisory Board for Communication/Marketing/Events, Deputy for Administration

Frank Duve is an entrepreneur with a wide range of experience, especially in the automotive industry, project management and finance. His expertise is mainly in sales and marketing, with a focus on communication from team and negotiation management, but also intercultural communication. He has been living and working in Dubai since 2005. He holds a Master of Business Administration from Hult International Business School.

Gülay Günes-Ouremi

Advisory Board for School Community and School Development, Deputy for Law, Deputy Secretary

"Education is the key to individual and social development. Our school community sets a high standard for education at DISD. Through my work at Advisory Board , I want to help continue to achieve and build on that standard at DISD."

Nasanin Bahmani

Advisory Board for Law, Advisory Board for Wellbeing, Deputy for School Development and School Community, Secretary.

Nasanin Bahmani has been working as an entrepreneur in Dubai for many years and knows the country and culture very well. The mix of people you see in Dubai also exists at DISD. Therefore, Nasanin wants to help through good communication that the voices of the different cultures and religions are heard, find their place, and thus a diverse school community characterized by understanding for each other is strengthened.

As a Advisory Board-member in the area of law, it is very important to her not only to implement the laws correctly, but also to bring these frameworks closer to the school community in terms of content.

Consul General Sybille Pfaff

In her function as Consul General, Sybille Pfaff is a born member of the Advisory Board.

Nina Ekambi

Representative of the Advisory Board

Nina has been living in Dubai since 2012. Her background is in peace and conflict studies and event management. She joined DISD in January 2020 as an Advisory Board representative.

"As a representative, I am the interface between the Advisory Board, administration, school management and the parents. For me it is particularly important to unite all needs and suggestions as best as possible, always with the goal of optimizing the school for our students."