Tennis talent with a great future

06 March 2023

DISD-student Chris Jovan Gubza is runner-up at the TEN-PRO Global Junior Tour

In the TEN-PRO Global Junior Tour 2022, tennis player Chris Jovan Gubza, student from the 9th grade, took second place in the U15. The at the time of the tournament 13-year-old prevailed against opponents up to two years older in the 190-man-strong field. An amazing success for which the tennis talent was now honored at the closing ceremony of the TEN-PRO Tour at the Atlantis Hotel. He also took third place in his first tournament appearance in 2023.

The TEN-PRO Tour is an annual tournament for talented young tennis players worldwide and makes stops in Spain, Switzerland, Serbia, Germany, Holland and Dubai, among other countries. The competitors come mainly from Europe. Chris plays and trains at Rackets Academy Dubai as part of an international team. In the summer, the young player, who turned 14 in February, trains in Vienna and flies to the tournaments with his team. Playing tennis has accompanied Chris since he could walk. His great role model during his childhood was his uncle Stefan, who played successfully in college in the USA on a tennis scholarship. "He gave me a tennis racket for my second birthday," says Chris. Immediately, tennis fever gripped him at that time. "I started playing with my uncle when I was 3 years old. I played my first tournament when I was 5." Now he is on the tennis court for several hours every day. The hard training is paying off. For example, he made it to the U18 main draw at the ITF Junior Tournament last November in Fujairah. He shocked the competitors and beat first ranked Krishav Gulati in the U18 competition. His big dream:

I would like to become a tennis pro

Chris Jovan Gubza, 9a

However, he doesn't neglect school alongside all the sport. "If I get injured, the tennis career can be over quickly. That's why I need a plan B," says Chris. Time management is key. "I have to be very organized and stick to my schedule. I do homework right away. If there's a tournament on a weekend before a class test, sometimes I have to study in advance," explains the student. Fortunately, school is easy and fun for him. His favorite subject is math. His friends at DISD also play a lot of sports and know how tiring it can be. "They support me, ask how the tournaments went and are happy about my successes," Chris says.

Father Martin and mother Ivana are the biggest fans. "... and my grandma. She's more nervous than me when I play. She never misses a match," reports the grandson. The ninth grader really appreciates the support. "I couldn't do it without my family. My parents drive me to practice every day and to tournaments. I'm very grateful for them," Chris says in appreciation of the great commitment. When Chris wins a match on tournament day one, Mama Ivana washes the towel that very evening so that it can be used again as a lucky towel the next day. He has another ritual before matches: "Before the match, I listen to music so that I feel calmer. But I'm actually a relaxed player," Chris describes. Relaxed and motivated by the recent success, he is looking forward to this year ahead. "Playing tennis is incredibly fun for me, and I wish it continues to be this successful." He will graduate from DISD in three years. His goal for after that is a professional contract. The DISD is proud of the tennis talent in the school family and wishes him all the best for his future.