Minister of State visits the DISD

December 13, 2023

On the occasion of COP28, Dr. Anna Lührmann discusses with high school students

On the last day of school before the winter vacations, Minister of State Dr. Anna Lührmann arrived at DISD as a high-ranking political visitor. Accompanied by three young delegates and Consul General Sybille Pfaff, she took an hour of her time for an exchange and discussion with our sixth form students.

The student*interns had the opportunity to ask questions and put their concerns and ideas directly to a political leader. At the age of 19, Dr. Anna Lührmann became the youngest member of the German Bundestag. The Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office not only impressed with her knowledge of Arabic, but was also approachable, talking about her beginnings in politics and answering questions from a student about the climate stickers ("Actionism is good, but it's questionable if it mainly causes anger instead of raising awareness and mobilizing people to stand up for a cause"). Last year's student representative Sarah Gad was particularly interested in the political beginnings of the Minister of State: "What advice would you give your 18-year-old self at the time?" "Get active, get involved in clubs and organizations. Find out what you are passionate about," advised Dr. Lührmann.

The young delegates also made an impression on the DISD delegatesstudent and provided insights into the climate conference. They reported on how difficult negotiations are and that the goals of young people are being heard. "It's important that we as young people are active, because that's the only way things can change!"

Principal Michael Lummel thanked the Minister of State for her visit and exchange and addressed his sixth form students: "You will soon be standing on an important threshold, you will have to take responsibility and continue your lives independently. You have heard today that it takes hard work and passion to change the world."

Following her visit, Dr. Lührmann tweeted: "Happy to meet the great students student from the German International School Dubai together with our COP28 youth delegates - Fruitful discussions on COP28 and the difference young people can make." The Minister of State's visit will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression and has further raised awareness of environmental issues in the school.