Concept our Secondary School

German International Baccalaureate, Realschulabschluss and Hauptschulabschluss

Welcome to the Secondary School of the German International School Dubai. In addition to the German International Abitur, we also offer the Hauptschulabschluss and the Mittlerer Deutscher Schulabschluss (Realschule). Uniform examination requirements apply throughout the network of German schools abroad and are monitored by the German Conference of Ministers of Education (KMK). 

The Secondary School I comprises grades 5 to 10. Grade 5 is the orientation stage, which is independent of the type of school. Here, a solid general education is imparted and important foundations are laid for the further school career. In grade 6, students are assigned to the Hauptschule, Realschule or Gymnasium. The different levels are taught together in a differentiated manner. In addition, student students choose their obligatory second foreign language (French or, under certain conditions, Arabic) in grade 6. From grade 8, geography is taught in English, and from grade 9, history is taught bilingually in English and German. 

At the end of grade 9, the Hauptschule students take the Hauptschule examination. If they perform well, they can continue their school career in grade 10 as a Realschule student. The examination for the Mittlerer Schulabschluss (Realschule) or for the entitlement to transfer to the qualification phase of the gymnasial Oberstufe (for students classified as gymnasial student) takes place at the end of grade 10 in the form of the Zentrale Klassenarbeiten (ZKA). Realschule students must also take oral examinations.  

The examinations are provided centrally for all German schools abroad by the Kultusministerkonferenz (KMK). Further information can be found in the KMK document "Regulations for the completion of Secondary School I at German Schools Abroad". 

A transfer from a school in Germany or another German-speaking school abroad to DISD is usually possible at any time. Please note that a change to an examination year is only possible with the approval of the KMK, which must be applied for by us.  

Please note: French is the compulsory 2nd foreign language at DISD. Alternatively, Arabic can be chosen as a compulsory 2nd foreign language under certain conditions.

If you have any questions about this, please make an appointment for a consultation at  

The Secondary School II comprises grades 11 and 12. They form the qualification phase for the German International Abitur (DIA). The performance of these four semesters is included in the Abitur evaluation. Classes at the DISD are also held in class throughout the entire upper school period. 

The school's goal is the globally recognized German International Abitur (DIA). The school-leaving certificate, which was developed individually and specifically for German schools abroad, is not only comparable worldwide. It is designed to meet the special requirements of a multicultural, multilingual student body. In addition to German, instruction takes place in English, so that young people acquire a high level of linguistic competence alongside their academic skills - skills that are more important than ever in a globalized world. 

Throughout the network of German schools abroad, uniform examination requirements also apply to the DIA, which are monitored by the German Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK). Both the traditional German Abitur and the DIA are highly regarded international qualifications. Equivalent to a high-quality certificate of national and international secondary education, the DIA enables student*innen to study in any country in the world. For more information, please visit the KMK website here