Safer Internet Day 2023 at DISD

February 07 2023

Safer Internet Day 2023 at DISD

student*Individuals develop "netiquette", rules for fair online behavior

On the occasion of the worldwide Safer Internet Day on February 7, various projects were initiated at DISD around the use of digital media and safe Internet use. The school's digital team had prepared age-appropriate presentations for the teachers of grades 1 to 10, which will be carried out successively by all classes in the coming weeks. In a double lesson, the students will examine their digital media consumption and discuss the dangers lurking on the Internet.

The goal of the project is to create a community awareness for the safe and responsible use of digital media

Charlotte Ewald, deputy Head of DISD-Digital-Team

In the older grades, one of the topics discussed was "class chat" and what should and should not be posted in class chat. "No inside gags should be written that only a few classmates know," said a sixth-grader. Also, no private photos of birthday parties should be sent to the class chat, as some might feel excluded. In small groups, the secondary students then developed a "netiquette," rules for fair online behavior. These will be displayed in the classrooms.

You always have to think about what you post because otherwise you might hurt others

Dian, 6a

The third-graders completed an Internet surfing license. They were able to test and expand their knowledge in a fun way. Grades one and two considered alternative leisure activities to digital media use and designed posters on the subject. Even the youngest children already know about the risks of excessive digital media use. "You can get eye pain and headaches," explains Kevin from grade 1b.

The feedback and participation of student at the start of the project was very positive. It is already clear that Safer Internet Day will again be the occasion for various measures in the next school year, which will show children and young people how to deal competently with the risks and create awareness of the responsibility and consequences of Internet use.