To register your child

Before you begin enrollment, please read our admissions process. If there is sufficient capacity, we accept enrollments during the current school year.

Please note that we currently cannot guarantee a school place in the current school year 2022/23. We will gladly accept your application and place you on our waiting list. Should a place become available, we will contact you.

We will accept registrations for the school year 2023/24 from February 2023 onwards

Step 1

Please prepare the following documents for online registration:

  • Passport photo of the child
  • Copy of the child's birth certificate
  • Passport copy of the child
  • Passport copy of parents
  • Copy of the child's Emirates ID (front and back) ( if available)
  • Copy of Emirates ID (front and back) of parents (if available)
  • Vaccination booklet copy of the child
  • Last 3 copies of report cards
  • Proof of custody, if applicable
  • For kindergarten registration

Step 2

Through our online portal you can register your family and upload the necessary documents.

Step 3

After you have completed the registration, you will receive the invoice for the registration fees (525 AED,incl. 5% VAT, per child) from our Accounting within 1-3 business days. Please note that the registration will not be processed until the registration fee is paid. After that,you will be informed by our school registration team about the further steps (such as placement test, missing documents, etc.).

Additional information

Placement test

All new student students must take a placement test on site at the school. This is a standard test that determines the level of proficiency in German and mathematics for the grade level currently being attended. The test takes about 45 minutes at Primary School and about 3 hours at Secondary School. The evaluation takes approximately 3 to 5 school days. As soon as we receive confirmation from the school management, we will inform you about the results. 

An appointment for testing will be scheduled with you by our school enrollment team.

School admissions to the 11th grade

After enrollment, a counseling session will be held with the SEK II director. A placement test is not required.

If you have any questions about registration, please email

School tour

If you are interested in a school tour, please email:

School fees

Here you can find our fee table and fee schedule.

Fee schedule Language: German