New employees at DISD

August 01, 2023

Here is an overview of all new employees this year

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August 2023

Sener Erkol

Sener Erkol has taken over the position of General Manager. His previous engagement at Advisory Board for Human Resources and Real Estate has significantly contributed to the optimization of internal processes and the creation of an optimal learning environment at DISD. After many years of working in Japan as a consultant for market analysis and market entry strategies in various industries, the graduate in business administration (FH) brings with him experience as a manager from the regions of Asia, West-East Europe and the Middle East. We warmly welcome him in his new role.

Muna AlKetbi

Muna AlKetbi is new to DISD as HR Director . Previously, she served as HR Director at Al Islami Foods Group. Her diverse resume in the UAE government and private sectors has provided her with multicultural experience in strategic planning, employee engagement and leadership development. In her spare time, the Dubai-born Emirati enjoys writing, traveling and designing fashion. Welcome! We wish her a great start.

Rosa Moghadasi

Rosa Moghadasi is the new English and French teacher for Secondary School I and II and class teacher of 11a. After completing her teacher training in February, she moved from Hamburg to Dubai in April with her husband and two children and is now very excited to be part of DISD.

Hannah Ziegler

Hannah Ziegler is the new class teacher of 1a. She spent a large part of her childhood at the German School Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. After graduating from high school, she studied to become an elementary school teacher in Germany and the USA. She has already fulfilled her wish to return to a German school abroad as a teacher from 2018 to 2021, working as a teacher at the German Embassy School in Beijing, China. This invariably wonderful experience has encouraged her to pack her bags again now and move to Dubai with her husband, son and Labrador dog. She is very much looking forward to DISD.

Chantal Weyna

Chantal Weyna is the new class teacher of 6c and teaches French - and English for Secondary School I & II. She completed her bi-national studies at the Université de Bourgogne in France and the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. She is really enthusiastic about languages: in an international environment, where she can speak five different languages in one evening, she really blossoms. In her free time, she loves to travel and try traditional foods of different nationalities.

Alexandra Stenzel

Alexandra Stenzel, a native of Berlin and passionate globetrotter, comes to Dubai with the subject combination English, history (bilingual) and social studies/politics. After three years at the German School Shanghai Hongqiao, the mother of a five-year-old son is looking forward to the new adventure together and working at DISD.

Martina Rieger

Martina Rieger will be the class teacher of 5a and teaches mathematics and physics in Secondary School I and II. Born in Bielefeld, she moved to southern Karlsruhe in small steps during her studies and teacher training and has now taken the big leap to Dubai with her husband and two children of kindergarten and elementary school age. She is particularly looking forward to inspiring experiences in a multicultural society.

Yosef Outadrarte

Yosef Outadrarte is the new class teacher of 10b and teaches English and French. He studied in the Siegerland region and gained experience abroad in France and Ireland during his studies. He completed his traineeship at a Düsseldorf high school and then taught at Primary School for a few months. What fascinates him most about Dubai is its modern architecture and cultural diversity. In his free time, he enjoys sports, going to the theater and traveling. He is looking forward to his school service abroad.

Regina Jeckl

Regina Jeckl is the new class teacher of 4c. It is particularly important to the elementary school teacher to prepare the student students both professionally and personally for their future school and life careers. A native of Berlin, she moved to Dubai with her family this year, so two of her children also attend DISD.

Nicole Chiarodia

Nicole Chiarodia will join the team as a primary school teacher. She completed her teaching degree at the University of Bremen and most recently worked as a teacher at a Primary School in Düsseldorf. Due to her special passion for sports, she has already been able to gain several experiences travelling abroad. She is looking forward to the time and cooperation together.

Carolin Schmidt

Carolin Schmidt is the new assistant of the Krakengruppe. She successfully completed her training as a state-certified educator in Bruchsal. For seven years she gained practical experience in a private institution in Karlsruhe before moving to Dubai a year ago. Now she is looking forward to the new experiences and the cooperation at DISD.

Victoria Van Der Auwera

Victoria van der Auwera is the new class teacher of 1b. The mother of two DISD children has been living and teaching in Dubai for 12 years. She loves spending her free time with her family, swimming and traveling. The Bavarian completed her studies in Munich and is very happy to be a part of the DIDS family.

Beyza Aydogmus

Beyza Aydogmus is new at DISD for the subjects mathematics, art and Islamic religious education and also takes over as class teacher of 5c. She previously taught math and art at a comprehensive school in Hesse. She grew up in Erlangen, Germany, studied at Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, and this is her first time in Dubai. She is very much looking forward to the new impressions and challenges!

Talita Ingrillini

Talita Ingrillini comes to Dubai directly from her traineeship at a Primary School in Frankfurt. She studied mathematics, German and art and is also very active artistically in her free time. Last year she traveled to Dubai during almost all school vacation and the desire to live there grew and grew. This dream has now come true and she is looking forward to starting school.

Saskia Kreten

Saskia Kreten teaches English and Geography (bilingual) in Secondary School I and II. She comes from Rhineland-Palatinate and has taught student*innen from grades 5 to 13 at the Gymnasium in Bernkastel-Kues in Rhineland-Palatinate. In the context of geography, she was able to work in the teacher training program at the Studienseminar and gain some experience abroad. Photography, reading and traveling inspire her in her free time.

Christine Koras

Christine Koras has always had opportunities to visit and appreciate Dubai with her family. Now she has come to Dubai as a support for the Primary School together with her husband, two children and her two dogs and is the new class teacher of 1c. After her studies in Koblenz and some years of work experience in the region around Trier, she would like to contribute and expand her experience at DISD. The big common hobby of her family is handball. But she also likes to spend her time with other sports activities or with her family.

Rojbine Yigit

Rojbine Yigit is the new math and biology teacher for Secondary School I & II and class teacher of 7a. She was born in Berlin and studied there at the "Freie Universität". Her favorite activities include traveling and working out. She is excited to become part of the team in Dubai.

Laura Manz

Laura Manz is the new class teacher of 7c. She teaches German and ethics for Secondary School I and II. Additionally, she has studied German as a foreign language. She grew up in southern Germany and has just completed her teacher training at a German-French high school in Freiburg. She is now looking forward to new challenges at DISD.

Stephanie Gonser

Stephanie Gonser is the new teacher of the Delfingruppe in our kindergarten. She completed a part-time training as a kindergarten teacher in Hamburg and worked there in a bilingual daycare center. After graduating from high school, she spent a year as an au pair in the USA. She has been living in Dubai since this August and is looking forward to the new challenge.

Amna Sadaqat

Amna Sadaqat is our new school doctor. She will work temporarily for DISD in the school clinic after the summer vacations.

March 2023

Nada Almahri

Nada Almahri is our new school nurse. She studied at FCHS in Ajman and previously worked at Mediclinic. The mother of one daughter, she lives with her family in Sharjah. She is excited to become part of the DISD family and looks forward to caring for all DISD children as if they were her own. We wish her a great start!

Tugba Demirci

Tugba Demirci is the new biology and chemistry teacher for Secondary School 1 and 2. She was born and raised in the beautiful Allgäu region and graduated from the Technical University in Munich. The Bavarian wants to inspire the student*innen for their subjects by practical lessons. She is very much looking forward to working with us.

Katharina Nilsson

Katharina Nilsson is the new assistant of the shark group. The mother of two DISD children has already been living in Dubai with her husband for a year and a half. Traveling and reading are among her favorite leisure activities. We wish her a good start!

February 2023

Adriana Stankovic

Adriana Stankovic is the new secondary school teacher and teaches geography, art and English. She has taught at German schools for six years and is now looking forward to the new challenge.