KHDA visit to DISD

October 19, 2020

A warm welcome! On September 8, Dr. Abulla Al Karam paid a visit to DISD to see how the school has started the new school year with Covid 19 compliance.

Sixth-grader Jamila greeted Dr. Al Karam with an Arabic poem. Then he met first grader Zeina, and learned about the German tradition of the Schultüte, filled with school supplies and treats, that the student bring to the first day of school.

During the tour of the school building, Principal Michael Lummel and Inga Rehbein, Elementary School Principal, explained how the school uses webcams to deliver hybrid instruction. Dr. Al Karam welcomed home distance learning students student who were connected to their class at school via Zoom.

In the kindergarten, the little ones showed how to have fun and active playtime while maintaining a safe distance. Assistant kindergarten director Julia Badrakhan explained how they have changed the pedagogical concept to increase safety when teaching in a group, e.g. with individually prefabricated exercise sets.