India 2023

04 June 2023

Student report on the 10th grade educational trip to India in March 2023, with many experiences and impressions.

Our trip to India was full of surprises and completely exceeded our expectations. We had initially assumed that India was a poor and dirty country, but immediately upon arrival we were fascinated by the green beauty of the country.

The flight to India was exciting for all of us, as it was our first time flying with the class. Upon arrival, we didn't notice much difference from the weather in Dubai at first. But as we rode the bus through the streets of Delhi, we immediately saw the contrasts. The streets were crowded with people, sacred cows, dogs and even elephants. Tuktuks could be seen everywhere. Next to magnificent houses there were also slums, which was a completely new experience for us.

The first bus ride to the school was long, but we had a lot of fun and there was so much to see. Our Indian host families had been eagerly awaiting our arrival. We were welcomed in the traditional way with colorful flower wreaths. We spent the very first night with our host families.

At first I found it strange that I was alone in a unfamiliar family, but then it became full of fun. I will stay in contact with my host family.

Nathalie B., 10b

On our first day after arrival, we drove to Agra. There we visited the Fathepur Sikri Fort, one of many forts in the region. The next morning we had to get up at five in the morning for the third time in a row to visit the Taj Mahal at sunrise. Unfortunately, we were a little late and couldn't quite experience the Taj Mahal at sunrise, but it was still a unique experience.

After that we continued our journey by bus to Jaipur. The route Delhi - Agra - Jaipur is also called the "Golden Triangle" of India. We arrived late in Jaipur, but in the evening we visited a traditional market where we could experience different activities such as elephant riding, camel riding, boat rides and temporary tattoos. Dinner was late and we got back to the hotel very late. To entertain us, one of our guides told us a scary story that really scared many of us.

The next morning we visited a "science museum" that felt more like an outdoor park. There we saw the world's largest sundial and of course had to think of our math teachers. We also visited a palace and were even allowed to enter the throne room of the former Maharajah. Before we returned to Delhi, we visited Amer Fort. When we got off the bus, we had to dodge an elephant galloping along the road. The Amer Fort was located on a mountain and offered a breathtaking view of the "Pink City".

The bus ride back to Delhi was long and took about seven hours. Most of the time we tried to sleep, but we also sang a lot together and then our guides suddenly ordered pizza from the bus.

Back in Delhi, we spent the remaining days visiting our host school Delhi Public School and exploring the city. We visited markets, art exhibitions, the Gandhi Museum, the Lotus Temple and the Delhi attraction "The Red Fort". Here we were told that the fort would be a must-see, just like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

A special experience was the reception in the German Embassy New Delhi. Ambassador Dr. Philipp Ackermann welcomed us warmly and answered all our questions, as well as interpreted the current global political role of India very interestingly.

An important part of the trip was the visit to the children's home Bal Sahyog. The children were very happy about the English books we brought with us. The meeting with the orphans was very instructive for us.

The visit to Dehli Public School gave us an insight into Indian school life. We had a sports day where we played cricket, soccer and another game from India. On another day, we painted on canvases with our host partners, and we were even taught the mantras by the principal, which help to relax.

The school is definitely very different. I have heard from the students there that there are strict rules

Sébastian L., 10b

Unfortunately, every trip comes to an end. Our hosts perfectly rounded off this unforgettable trip with a great farewell ceremony. They presented a great show consisting of an orchestra, a traditional dance and Bollywood dances. At the end we all danced together, including teachers and host parents. Then everyone could spend the rest of the day with their host family.

When the last day came, we couldn't believe it. No one really wanted to get started, but finally we were on our way to the airport and back to Dubai.

I felt very comfortable with my host family. At first I was very excited to get to know each other. A friendship has developed and we still write to each other

Amina A., 10a

We would like to thank Mr. Lummel and Mrs. Altay who accompanied us on our trip to India. Thank you, Mrs. Altay, for organizing everything so wonderfully and always making sure that we were doing well and for taking care of us very lovingly. In addition, she was always a person with whom you could talk about everything, so that we felt comfortable. Thanks to Mr. Lummel, the rides and also otherwise the trip were never boring because of his jokes and stories. He also explained a lot of things to us, for example about the history of Mahatma Gandhi and also generally about life in India, that we should be careful because of the water we drink and what we should (not) eat. The teachers were very open to us and they were always there to talk to us.

We recommend the India trip to all of next year's sophomores. It is an unforgettable experience not to be missed!

By Nathalie B. and Kim R., 10b