DISD Anti-Bullying Team

February 26, 2020

We are pleased to introduce the newly formed Anti-Bullying Team. This is a team of students from Secondary School, who should pretend to be contact persons for their classmates and will be supportive in case of any signs of exclusion or bullying.

Among other things, the student have completed training as "Safety Ambassadors", which was conducted by Dubai Police and is part of the initiative to improve safety in the classes. This program was developed to protect the student from any form of mistreatment. The "Ambassadors" educate their fellow students about their rights and how to take action in the event of any form of bullying.

In the team are: Serena Allgaier, Stella Foschi, Ahmed Batal, Nils Tröger, Filippos Karaspiros, Youssef Ghanem, Karma Elgharib, Ty Stevens and Razaan Eid.