Award of the DISD anti-bullying team and Mrs. Lisak

November 15, 2020

We would like to congratulate our school psychologist Ms. Irina Lisak, who received the award on behalf of the DISD anti-bullying team for the great work they have done together. The handover was done by the Human Rights Department of Dubai Police, which trained the team members in advance.

Our DISD Anti-Bullying Team

Our Anti-Bullying Team is made up of students from Secondary School, who act as a point of contact and support group for fellow students if there are signs of exclusion or bullying.

They were trained by Dubai Police to become "Safety Ambassadors," which is part of an initiative to improve safety in the classroom. This program was launched in Dubai to support children and protect them from any harm or violence. The ambassadors educate their fellow students about their rights and what to do if they see signs of bullying.