Alumni Exchange at the German Ambassador

April 28, 2023

Networking with guests from business, education and politics

On April 26, a special event took place, hosted by the German Ambassador Alexander Schönfelder and Consul General Sybille Pfaff at the Embassy Residence in Abu Dhabi. In addition to guests from business, education and politics, the graduates of the German Schools Abroad and the high school graduates of the German School in Abu Dhabi (GISAD) were also warmly welcomed. The principal of the DISD, Michael Lummel, was also invited and used the opportunity to hold interesting discussions with other education experts such as Benjamin Schmäling from the German Academic Exchange Service and Dr. Dennis Kumetat, the Foreign Office spokesman for the Middle East and North Africa.

Ambassador Schönfeld with guests and GISAD alumni Ahmed Al Hosani (left)
Principal Michael Lummel with DISD alumni Janis Kienberger

Among the alumni present were Ahmed Al Hosani, the first Emirati to graduate from GISAD, and Janis Kienberger, a 2012 graduate of the German International School Dubai. The alumni of the German schools abroad took the opportunity to exchange ideas and make valuable contacts. The event was thus not only an exciting event for the guests on site, but also a promising signal for all alumni of German schools abroad worldwide. There will be another reception in Dubai later this year with the aim of networking the alumni of the German Schools Abroad with the business community. They can learn from the career paths and receive valuable tips for their own future professional developments.

Dr. Dennis Kumetat (German Federal Foreign Office), DISD Head of School Michael Lummel and Benjamin Schmäling (DAAD)
DISD alumni Janis Kienberger and GISAD principal Rothfritz.