Secondary School Contact Persons

Michael Lummel

Principal, Teacher of English and History

Dr. Sammy Wafi

Vice Principal, Teacher of Mathematics

Zeljko Babic

Head of Secondary School I, Teacher of History, German and Moral Education

Andrea Schöne

Head of Secondary II, Teacher of Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science

Ines Wingrich

Teacher of  Biology & Chemistry

Julia Siebert

5a, Teacher of German and Biology

Danya Ouklah

5b, Teacher of German

Viktoria Opetnik

5c, Teacher of German, Moral Education & History

Martin Scholz

6a, Teacher of History, English & Social Studies

Petra Eyre

6b, Teacher of Mathematics and Ethics

Zeljko Babic

6c, Teacher of History, German &  Moral Education

Mathias Herz

7a, Teacher of Mathematics, Sports and Computer Science

Uta Zeug-Lummel

7b, Teacher of  English and Sports

Sitem Kolburan

7c, Teacher of German, Moral and English

Selina Krebs

8a, Teacher of Geography and English

Ulrich Grimm

8b, Teacher of Physics

Simone Suffel

9a, Teacher of German, Ethics and Moral Education

Julian Kleij

9b, Teacher of Chemistry, Biology and Physics

Kristoffer Reul

10a, Teacher of Geography and English

Carsten Stark

10b, Teacher of Mathematics and Computer Science

Stefanie Altay

11a, Teacher of German, Geography and Moral Education

Marcus Brösgen

11b, Teacher of Sports and Biology

Coordinator for Timetable and Substitution Plan

Susanne Reuls

12a, Teacher of Sports and German

Susanne Bode

12b, Teacher of English, Moral and Ethics

Dominique Pienkny

Teacher of  French, Ethics and Moral Education

Trijntie Herz

Teacher of Geography and Chemistry

Carolin Schemenau

Teacher of Social Studies, History and English

Walaa Tawfik

Teacher of Art

S. Fleury

Teacher of  Music and English

Mélanie Zaidi

Teacher of French and History

Carlos Teixeira

Teacher of Music

Assim Ettahiri

Teacher of  French, Arabic and Mathematics

Rainer Geburtzyk

Teacher of Art

Tarryn Elliot

Teacher of English

Hans Rudolf Bühlmann

Teacher of French

Johnathan Bland

Teacher of Sports

Melissa Schneider

Teacher for German as a Foreign Language

Veronika Jovanova

Assistant Teacher

Lidija Babic

Assistant Teacher

Suad Ayache

Assistant Teacher

Anne-Marie Boers-Müller

Assistant Teacher

Valentyna Halushko

Assistant Teacher

Anne-Sophie Hille

Assistant Teacher

Marwana Shahin

Assistant Teacher

Ahmed Abdelwahab

Head of the Arabic Department

Teacher of Arabic as a Foreign Language and Islamic Studies

Aida Aqtash

Teacher of Arabic as Mother Tongue

Ahmed Ali

Teacher of Islamic Studies

Mohamed Elmahdi

Teacher of  Arabic as a Foreign Language and Islamic Studies

Hoda Waked

Teacher of  Islamic Studies and Arabic

A. Ahmadi

Teacher of Arabic as a Foreign Language and Islamic Studies

Hani El Shafei

Teacher of Arabic as a Foreign Language and Mother Tongue

Mona Hussein

Teacher of Arabic as a Foreign Language

Soha Abdelmageed

Teacher of Arabic as a Foreign Language and Islamic Studies