Co-Curricular-Activities 2021/22

Co-curricular activities will start from Monday, Mai 9th. Term 3 goes until June 30th, 2022.

The registration runs through our partner Gulf Star Sports (please click on the link). The portal will be open for registrations from April 22. A CCA can be tested until 20.05.2022, after that a deregistration or change is no longer possible, Terms & Conditions. Please note, the payment as well as a potential refund is handled by Gulf Star Sports. A refund is only possible in absolute exceptional cases.

Note on registration: On the booking page, please scroll down to the days of the week. For each day you will find the afternoon offer with all important information about the individual activities (class, time, location and cost) as well as the booking link for each on the right side.

A selection process applies to CCAs ChoirSchool Band, and DramaCurrent registration for Drama and Elementary School Choir gives preference to participants from Term 1 & 2.

CCA Program DISD Kindergarten 2021/22, Term 3

CCA Program DISD Primary School 2021/22, Term 3

CCA Program DISD Secondary School 2021/221 Term 3

School Teams

The school teams are primarily focused on performance and require the participants to be willing to take part in external competitions for the school. During the first two weeks, a selection is made and the number of participants is limited. There is no charge to participation in school teams. School teams are highlighted in yellow in the CCA program overview.

Swimming  The swim team is being re-advertised and will always be held on Mondays and Thursdays in Term 3. To apply, please send an email with your name, class, age and email address to

 Football – The football offer will be expanded. To apply, please send an email stating your desired team, name, grade and age to:

o   Grade 3 and 4, on Tuesday:

o   Grade 7 and 8 on Wednesday:

o   Grade 5 and 6 on Thursday:

Athletics – The Athletics school team is for grade 5 to 8 and will train on Monday. To apply, please send an email with your name, class and age to:

Kindergarten CCAs: Please note that participants in each activity come from different kindergarten groups. This is approved by KHDA.

School Bus Service

If you use the school bus service, please remember to notify STS of the new pick-up time after the CCA registration at

Our CCA Team

Contact DISD- CCA Co-ordinator: Mr. Karl-Moritz Habermann


Contact DISD- CCA Co-ordinator: Mr. André Bautz


Contact Gulfstarsports -Senior Operations Co-ordinators  -“Parents Services Representative” for DISD: Mr. Jacob Kantinji

Email: , Mobile Number: +971 50 411 3471

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