Co-Curricular-Activities 2021/22

Gulf Star Sports are delighted to be returning to DISD for an all new Co-Curricular activities program in 2021/22 – with our most popular activities, whilst also including a few new and exciting additions.

Please find below the program for Primary School and Secondary School. The CCA Program starts on 26. September.

CCA Program for DISD Primary School 2021/22, Term 1

CCA Program for DISD Secondary School 2021/221 Term 1

  • If you would like to register your child(ren) for a fee-based CCA offering, the registration process will go through our partner’s website: Gulf Star Sports (please click on the link). Please scroll down to the days of the week. For each day you will find the afternoon offer with all important information about the individual activities (grade, time, place and costs) as well as the booking link for each on the right side.


  • If you would like to register your child one of the CCA that is free of charge, please send us an email with the name of the CCA and the name, age, and grade of your child in the subject line to:

We kindly ask all parents who use the school bus service to inform STS directly about the changed pick-up time if you have booked a CCA for your child(ren).

Our CCA Team

Contact DISD- CCA Co-ordinator: Mr. Karl-Moritz Habermann


Contact DISD- CCA Co-ordinator: Mr. André Bautz


Contact Gulfstarsports -Senior Operations Co-ordinators  -“Parents Services Representative” for DISD: Mr. Jacob Kantinji

Email: , Mobile Number: +971 50 411 3471

Welcome Message from Jacob

Student Initiative

You would like to initiate a co-curricular activity?

Please fill this form and send it until September 9, 2021 to

  •  A co-curricular activity (CCA) can only be initiated by secondary school students or teachers.
  • A CCA instructor must be found who is allowed to teach the activity and is then responsible for the activity.
  • The responsible instructor commits for at least one semester.
  • Enough students must be found to make the activity happen.
  • Costs of any kind, whether reimbursements to outside providers or one-time material costs (for purchases) must be specified and may be covered by CCA participants, if necessary.

This is an initiative of our DISD student representatives, initiated in the school year 2020/21 by Alumni Alexander Schmidt.