Covid19 Measures:

We are pleased that our canteen operator Organic Foods and Café will continue to be able to cook fresh and healthy food for the students in the school canteen, in compliance with all official requirements. Among other things, the authorities require that the food is pre-packaged and, if possible, parents shall give the children their own cutlery.

Organic Foods and Café will therefore provide biodegradable disposable dishes and, if necessary, cutlery. Due to the increased costs, the price per lunch meal will be adjusted by 1 AED.

In 20/21 lunch in the kindergarten costs AED 15.70 and AED 24.10 in the school per meal. Booking will be possible until the day before.

The cafeteria will also remain open. Only cash payment is still possible there. Please provide your children with enough drinking water for a whole day at school.

In the canteen, a distance of 2m must be maintained. Therefore some classes of the primary school will eat in their classroom.

Please find the menu here:

January 2021



There are 2 options, families of kindergarten and school children can choose from: “standard lunch” and “vegetarian lunch“.

Both options are made of 90% organically grown hormone-free ingredients. This applies in particular to the meat and the proteins. 10% of the ingredients used (such as onions or garlic) are conventionally grown.

Families with three or more children receive a discount of 10% when all children book the canteen dinner.


Booking and payment:

! It is not possible to have lunch in the canteen without prior booking and payment.

The booking and payment is only possible online on the website of Organic Foods & Café: and must be done in time 7 days in advance.

The access data will be send to the parents directly from Organic Foods & Café at the beginning of the school year.

You have the option to book by month or single days and choose between the standard and the vegetarian option.

If you have any problems with the booking or payment, please contact Organic Foods & Café directly:

For inquiries about the nutritional values and composition of the meals, please contact:

For all other inquiries, please contact:

Once you have booked, you can only opt out in special cases (like de-registering from school or kindergarten).


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Birthday Offer: 

For their child’s birthday, parents can order pastries for the whole class/group, which will be prepared and delivered to the class by Organic Foods & Cafe.

Please find the price list for birthdays here. All orders have to be sent via email to Mr Francis, canteen manager: at least 2 working days in advance until 2.30 pm. For further questions you can reach him on the following mobile number:  050-425 3256