If you want to enroll your child in Kindergarten, please find all information here.


In this document, we inform you about the Admission Procedure.

Please also read the Information sheet on Arabic in the Kindergarten.

The following documents are required for the application:

  1. Registration Form
  2. Form for Special Needs (if necessary)
  3. Copy of the child’s birth certificate (German, English or Arabic)
  4. Copy of the child’s passport
  5. Copy of the child’s Emirates ID card (if already existing)
  6. Copies of the parent’s passports
  7. Copy of the parent’s Emirates ID card (if already existing)
  8. Proof of custody (where appropriate)
  9. Copy of the school reports of the past three years
  10. school confidential report from the 2nd grade onwards filled out by the current school. Please note that the current school should fill in and forward the school confidential report directly to our school address:
  11. Transfer certificate from the 2nd grade onwards filled out by the current school. ( Attention: If you are moving from the following regions: Middle East (excluding UAE), South and Central America, Asia, Russia and former Russian states, Eastern Europe, Africa and New Zealand. The transfer certificate must also be attested by the following authorities:
    1. attested by the Ministry of Education of the country of origin; and
    2. attested by the UAE Embassy in the country of origin.

    Please note that we are not allowed to accept your child at the school without an attested transfer certificate. We have to follow the regulations of the KHDA (Dubai Ministry of Education).

    Please note that we cannot accept the application if the above mentioned documents are not received. Should the Emirates IDs not be issued yet, please hand them in right after issuance.

    Please send the application with all above mentioned documents via email to

School enrollment and placement test 

All pupils must take an age-appropriate and standardized placement test here in the school in order to ascertain the pupil’s knowledge in main academic subjects, see Admissions Procedure, point 5.

Before the test is conducted, an assessment from the previous school will be requested before the planned entrance date, on the basis of which a preliminary place offer will be made (the assessment regulation is not applicable in the case of year 1 students – a test here in the school must be taken before a place can be offered, as well as for students who are coming from different curricula and are looking to change into the German curriculum).

After this a date for the placement test will be arranged. The test serves the purpose of grading and getting to know the pupils in order to screen out strengths and weaknesses and to determine possible support requirements. Furthermore, it ascertains the grade level to which the pupils will be admitted and could possibly deviate from the grade level the pupil attended at the previous school.

This test can be taken in the old school year or shortly before starting the new school year in order to prevent logistical challenges.

The placement test will be conducted in the form of a computer test from Year 2 to Year 10. For the primary school (Year 2 to 4) the test takes approx. 60 minutes, for the Secondary Level (Year 5 to 10) it takes approx. 3 hours. The test will be supervised and teachers will be available for the pupils in the case of technical questions and questions related to using the computers.

Since special prerequisites need to be met in the case of school admission from Year 11, no computer test needs to be taken here but a detailed consultation with the management of Secondary Level II decides on the admission, also see these information in German: Wegweiser durch die gymnasiale Oberstufe.

(Guide through the grammar school sixth form). Dates for the test are possible in the Primary School Mondays and in the Secondary Level Mondays and Wednesdays and will be stated in an official invitation sent by the secretary’s office. For this purpose all complete registration documents must have been submitted (with the exception of an Emirates ID and residence visa that has not yet been issued) and the registration fee paid. Please note when making your plans that the evaluation of the test results can take between three and five workdays.

After a place has been offered and after the school year has commenced, the parents are obliged to sign the parents’ school contract for which the original residence visa and Emirates IDs are required. The rules stipulate that this has to be completed within six weeks after the first school day. A guideline to digitally sign the parent’ school contract will provide assistance in signing.


The following documents are accepted by the legal guardians with the application: