The course phase of the grammar school sixth form is organised in courses in the general grammar schools of the State of Thuringia in class levels 11 and 12. Due to the initially small number of pupils lessons are currently taught in the sixth form in one class. A high level of independence is thereby expected that is also essential when the pupils subsequently start studying.

The German International Abitur (DIA) was offered for the first time in the school year 2011/2012.


Equivalent to a high-quality certificate compared to all national and international upper secondary school-leaving certificates, it gives the pupils the opportunity to study in any country in the world. Whilst it is identical to the German Abitur in terms of content, it uses the foreign language potential of German schools abroad to a greater degree: along with German, lessons are taught in English so that the young people acquire a high level of language skills as well as skills in the specialist subjects. Skills that are more important than ever before in a globalised world.


The DIA is an individual final examination specifically developed for German schools abroad that targets the special particular requirements of a multicultural, multi-lingual student body. In order for the DIA to be comparable as a qualified school-leaving certificate worldwide, standardised examination requirements are valid from Kuala Lumpur to Montréal and are monitored by the German Conference of Ministers of Education (KMK). The classic German Abitur as well as the DIA are qualifications held in high esteem internationally. For example, graduates from German schools abroad are credited a bonus point for the Abitur at the renowned “Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)“ in the USA. This saves 2 semesters!


At least one specialist subject is taught in the chosen foreign language and another specialist subject bilingually. The percentage of the foreign language taught in the entire bilingual lessons can comprise up to 50%. In this way a high linguistic level is reached in German as well as in English that goes far beyond the level of proficiency in standard foreign language lessons.

At the end of the sixth form each graduate of the DIA is tested in three subjects in writing and in two subjects orally. In so doing the DIA places further emphasis on the communicative skills of the pupils.


The high examination standard of the DIA is guaranteed by the supervision of the German School Authorities: a representative of the Conference of Ministers of Education assumes the chairmanship of the examining board respectively. He or she ensures that the Abitur examination is conducted properly and fairly.

For further information, please see the page of the German Conference of Ministers of Education (in German language).