Class 5 is the Orientation Level independent of school type between Primary School and Secondary Level I. In this phase the teachers come to a joint decision with the parents in terms of in which type of school their children are most likely to be successful.

French it taught in Class 6 as another foreign language. Corresponding to local school laws Arabic also has to be taken as a foreign language. From Class 8 onwards the subject of Geography is taught in English and from Class 9 the subject of History is taught bilingually in English and German.

At the end of Class 10 the pupils take class examinations set by the “Kultusministerkonferenz” (KMK – Conference of Ministers of Education), that are based on comparable examinations from the federal states.

Secondary Level 1 at the DISD was offered for the first time in the school year 2009/2010. Secondary school pupils are taught according to a secondary school concept adapted to the requirements of the DISD and conclude Class 10 with the intermediate school-leaving certificate.

Class 10 is the entry level to the Secondary II Level for grammar school pupils.

Please find further information on the German curriculum of Secondary I here.