School Association

 Owner of the private school DISD is the school association, consisting of parents. The school association is responsible for the economic and legal framework of the school. Represented by the board, they recruit staff and establish the guidelines for the school. These ensure that the students and teachers at the DISD find the necessary conditions for a high-quality school education. In addition, the executive board sets the amount of school fees and prepares the annual budget, which in turn must be passed by the annual general meeting. In addition, they fulfill many other tasks which are defined by the statutes of the school association.

DISD School Board 2017/18:

Thomas Harenberg

Acting Chairman of the Board & Board for Marketing and PR

Heiko Marold

Board for Facilities and School Development / School Community

Christian Esters


Dr. Munier Al-Amoudi

Board for HR, Legal Affairs and Administration

Gabriela Katiela

Board for Partnership and Sponsoring

Juliane Schöps

Representative of Board

The board is elected for two years at the annual general meeting.

The management board meetings take place once a month. In these sessions, the current topics of the DISD are discussed and decided. For general inquiries to the executive board, please contact the following e-mail address: