Peer Mediators

In the school year 2018-19 we introduced the peer mediators project in our school and are proud to present our team. We call them intermediaries, conflict arbiters or simply Peer Mediators. They are skilled to mediate in conflicts and support in searching for solutions.

We have an expression in German – “when two people quarrel, the third one rejoices “, but we prefer to say – “when two persons quarrel, the third one helps!”
Our Peer Mediators are: Eric Tadros, Florian Plankensteiner, Nils Tröger, Khadija Sedky, Ty Stevens, Karma Elgharib, Serena Allgaier, Valentina Meier.

We aim to improve the social skills of our students through this project and to show them various ways of non-violent conflict resolutions.