Actively shaping school

Thank you for your interest in the DISD parents’ council’s work. We cordially invite you to help us shaping the school life.

Election and composition of the parents’ council

  • In the beginning of each school year each class elects a parents’ representative plus deputy. All parents’ representatives and deputies form the overall parents’ council.
  • The overall parents’ council is divided in three sub-councils, for the Kindergarten, Primary School and Secondary School. Each sub-council elects a representative and a deputy and from this six-member panel the overall parents’ representative und the deputy are eleceted.
  • Further the treasurer and deputy treasurer are elected.

Parents’ Council 2016/17

The current members of the six-member panel are the following:

  • Overall parents’ representatives of Secondary school: Urs Sander (9a) and deputy Priscille Pittet (6a)
  • Primary School: Katharina Drucker (1b) and deputy Nadine Abdel Baghy (3c)
  • Kindergarten: Sezin Asay (Krabbengruppe) and deputy Heiko Marold (Falmingogruppe)

Tasks of the parents’ council

  • The parents’ council represents the interests of all parents of Kindergarten, Primary School and Secondary School children in dealing with the school board.
  • The parents’ council meets several times throughout the school year and confers with the school administration as well as with the school board periodically. The parents’ council conference dates are published in the school’s calendar of events on the website and via email.
  • Through a reliable communication the parents’ council ensures a close contact to the parents and informs them about current school topics and issues.
  • Ideas, whishes and suggestions from the parents will be accepted, discussed and if necesserary presented to the schools’ administration, board or teachers.

Through close collaboration with the schools’ administration, the teachers and the schools’ board, the parents’ council actively participates in the organisation of the school life and contributes to a good school climate through a positive, trustworthy handling.

Another point of major importance: The parents’ council is not only an important component of DISD, it further offers a great opportunity to make new contacts and to actively shape the school life in a friendly team with good work atmoshpere.

So come on in!!!


Primary School & Secondary School: | Kindergarten:

Parents’ Notice Board

  • You will find the board at the main entrance next to the canteen.
  • The board enables the communication between parents and students, for carpooling,  Mitfahrgelegenheiten, purchase and sales and more.
  • Please submit your apllication for notices in DIN A5 into the clear plastic pouch at the notice board.

Important documents of the parents’ councils (pc) in German:

Elternbeiratsordnung (pc regulations) | Elternbeiratsgeschäftsordnung (pc rules of operation)

EBR-Willkommensschreiben (pc welcome letter) | A bis Z für Eltern (A to Z for parents)