Our mission statement under the motto: Set sail together

Commitment to common values, self-confidently focusing on one’s own capabilities and qualities and aiming for a common objective, being clear about the means by which you want to realize this goal and making sure that there is a clearly formulated answer to the “why” for our school. All this includes the work on our mission statement. In the working group “Mission Statement”, all these questions have now been extensively discussed and, based on the survey in the school community, all frameworks have now been defined.

We have now reached the point where it becomes particularly important to us that all of us feel reminded of these values ​​on a daily basis and above all identify with them and implement them in our daily interactions. That’s why we invited all the students to a painting competition last week, which has the underlying picture for our mission statement as its content. In order to create a recognition value, the keywords should be inserted in the form of the Burj Al Arab in order to also signal a “set sail” in the future and a starting point, emanating or “embarking” from our school.

All students are called on to participate and submit their design for a Burj Al Arab picture.

With kind regards,

Mission Statement Steering Commitee

Drawing Competition


All DISD students are invited to take part


Graphic representation of the Burj Al Arab (free choice of art technique).


  • The winning picture will serve as the graphic base and artistic design of our mission statement.


  • The competition starts on 16.10.2018 and ends on 22.11.2018. All participants have to submit their art work (minimum DIN A4 and maximum DIN A3 in portrait format) with full name and class on the back side to Ramona Del Monte.


  • The winner will receive a private workshop with the renowned artists Petra Kaltenbach. Second and third place will receive a DISD gift package.

Furthermore we will display all submitted art works in an exhibition at school.