DISD Sustainability Committee

The DISD sustainability committee was established by parents in February 2016. It focuses on educating young minds on issues of sustainability and environmental protection.

During the last academic year the committee organized an awareness campaign for the school’s participation in the Can Collection Day and the Your Can for a Tree initiative by the Emirates Environmental Group. Thanks to the participation of many families they managed to collect more than 100kg of aluminum cans.

For the current school year a variety of further projects are planned. Recycling options will be expanded and the school will participate in the worldwide campaign Clean Up The World 2016. In an upcoming project week on the topics environment protection and sustainable waste management the students will have the opportunity to participate in a beach clean-up or to visit a recycling plant.

Just recently the committee and a few DISD-students got the chance to participate in a pre-launch event of the department store Robinsons with Patrick Blanc, the world renowned creator of the Vertical Garden. The botanist is developing the Middle East’s first in-store vertical garden within the soon-to-be-launched store at Dubai Festival City Mall. The students were invited to plant the first plants with Patrick Blanc and to learn about the benefits of sustainability and eco-friendly living.