Opening of new school shop

A week before begin of the school year 2018/19, on Sunday, August 26th,  the new school shop opens for DISD.

You will find it in the foyer, opposite of the reception.


Opening hours:

August 26 – 30th 2018: 7.45 am – 2 pm

From September 2nd 2018, Monday to Thursday: 7.45 – 8.30 am


The majority of the school material will be available in the school shop. Please find the material list (with yellow highlights for the material available in the school shop) for the coming school year here.

Please be aware, that it is not possible to buy a new set of school uniform in the school shop. Please refer to the information here on how to order from our uniform supplier Stitches. Single pieces will be possible to order in the school shop.

The shop will only accept cash.