Frequently asked questions – Covid-19

Can parents enter the school?

No. Parents are not allowed to enter the school or the kindergarten.

According to KHDA regulations, parents are only allowed to enter the drop-off and pick-up area for a maximum of 10 minutes. Since our school foyer as well as our kindergarten foyer are not spacious enough to provide a safe drop-off waiting area for all parents in addition to the thermal control of the students, which guarantees the 2m safety distance, the drop-off area had to be moved outside.

Pleas read all important information on this topic in our Access and Parking regulations. 

How and where are the children handed in at the kindergarten?

Kindergarten parents choose one of the ten-minute time slots between 7:40 and 8:30 am as a delivery time and communicate this via a doodle link. They drop-off their children directly at the kindergarten entrance. They then leave the premises directly.

The delivery time is chosen once by the parents and is mandatory for each morning. Up to 15 parents can register per delivery time. As soon as the maximum number is reached, the time slot is no longer available for others. Each family is entitled to only one time slot.

The kindergarten staff at the entrance is equipped with appropriate lists, receives the children and places them in the appropriate group. For a smooth process it is important that the parents strictly adhere to their chosen delivery time.

Only 1 parent is allowed to enter the drop-off area. People with health impairments, including the elderly, should not come to the drop-off and pick-up area.

How and where are the children picked up at the kindergarten?

The pickup at the kindergarten takes place between 13:30 and 14:15. Again, parents must decide on a time slot. If you were previously in the slot from 1.20 – 1.30 pm, you will automatically move up to the first slot from 1.30 pm. Parents from the current final slot, please pick up your children between 2.05 and 2.15 pm, from 13.09. onwards.

There are two exits: at the kindergarten entrance and at the blue gate directly at the parking lot.

Parents must choose one of the options and book a pick-up time window.

We ask parents to bring and pick up their child at the kindergarten entrance only within the booked time window.

Only 1 parent is allowed to enter the pick-up area for pick-up. People with health impairments, including older people, should not come to the pick-up and drop-off area.

How can I take my child to and from school?

Parents are not allowed to enter the school or the kindergarten.

Students may enter the building from 7.30 am through the main entrance.

The parents of the students say goodbye to their children in the drop-off area in front of the main entrance and collect their children there after school. The minimum distance of 2m must be observed. Wearing a face mask is mandatory. People with health impairments, including elderly people, should not come to the drop-off and pick-up area.

Pleas read all important information on this topic in our Access and Parking regulations. 

Will there be Temperature measurements?

All persons entering DISD are obliged to measure the temperature. At the main entrance of the school and in the kindergarten this is done by a thermal camera. From a body temperature of 37.5° Celsius and higher, the building may not be entered.

What happens if my child has an elevated temperature when entering school/kindergarten in the morning?

From a body temperature of 37.5° Celsius and higher, the building must not be entered. Students/KG children who have been brought to school by an accompanying person must be taken back by the accompanying person. Children who are not accompanied by their parents or accompanying persons will be taken to the external isolation room, which is located outside in front of the main entrance. The parents will be informed. It is the parents’ duty to ensure that they can be reached by telephone at all times and to pick up their child within 60 minutes.

What happens if my child develops a raised body temperature during the course of the school day?

If COVID-19 is suspected or if a person come in contact with a person infected with COVID-19 in the school building, the nurse is informed and the person is taken to the isolation room in the school.

If a child/teacher/employee in the school starts showing symptoms of COVID-19, this person must be isolated immediately and the child/parents/guardians of the child must be notified immediately. It is the parents’ duty to ensure that they are always available by telephone and that they can pick up their child within 60 minutes. If necessary, the patient will be referred to hospital to take the necessary measures.

The patient should not return to school before the negative PCR result is available. The school follows the protocols set by the KHDA and informs the authorities.

What happens if my child has signs of illness?

If your child shows signs of illness (e.g. fever, dry cough, breathing problems, loss of sense of taste/odor, sore throat, aching limbs, nausea/ vomiting, diarrhea), the child must stay at home.

In case of contact with an infected person or a person subject to quarantine, school attendance is not allowed.

When can my child return to school after an illness?

If a body temperature of 37.5° Celsius or higher occurs, it is obligatory to present a medical certificate from the student/kindergarten child in order to be able to attend school / kindergarten again.

School children and kindergarten children must have a temperature of 37.4° Celsius or less for 36 hours without antipyretic agent in order to be able to attend school/kindergarten again.

Do the parents have an obligation to register?

Parents must inform the school immediately of any infection with the corona virus (even in the same household). This also applies to all school staff.

Parents and staff are obliged to fill out the „DISD Health and Travel Declaration Form“ and send it to

Can parents go to the administration and make appointments there?

Parents are generally not allowed to enter the school building. Appointments and discussions should be held online if possible.

If an appointment is absolutely necessary, the school website offers the possibility of making appointments with the administration staff during fixed office hours.

Only with a confirmed appointment can the administration area be entered and the appropriate person in the administration can be visited. No other area of the school may be entered.

Is wearing masks mandatory?

During the entire stay on the school and kindergarten premises, all persons older than 6 years must wear a mask. This mask is not provided by the school, but each person must procure and wear a mask individually and on their own responsibility. There is no mask obligation for kindergarten children.

  1. If no mask is available or if it is not worn visibly, the person is not allowed to enter the school or kindergarten.
  2. There are no exceptions from the obligation to wear masks.
  3. Students and employees with health problems are only exempt from wearing a mask with a medical certificate.
  4. The masks can be removed during meals or during high-intensity physical activities (e.g. during sports lessons).
  5. DISD is not responsible for providing replacement masks.
  6. Each child must receive its own mask from its parents, a spare mask must be in the school bag.
  7. Exchanging or borrowing a mask with or from other children is strictly prohibited!
Which distance rule applies?

In order to avoid transmission by droplet infection, a distance of at least 2 metres must be maintained in schools and 1.50 metres in classrooms. This means that the desks in the classrooms must be set correspondingly far apart and thus significantly fewer students per classroom are allowed than in normal operation. The maximum number of students per DISD classroom is 16. The seats are marked.

Which rules apply for Eating and Drinking at DISD?

Eating or drinking is only allowed in the designated areas. This will be communicated in an appropriate manner before school starts.

It is not allowed to eat in the corridors, entrance or public areas. It is forbidden to share or give away food.

The lunch box remains in the school bag until the teacher or supervisor announces breakfast break or lunch, this applies to all school levels.

Water dispensers may not be placed in the school building. Parents provide their children with sufficient drinking water for the day. Water bottles can be purchased in the canteen.

Our canteen operator Organics Food and Cafe will continue to cook freshly at school, in compliance with all official regulations, and the food will be provided to the students individually packaged. More detailed information about the menu, booking, procedure etc. will be communicated.

Which rules apply on stationery and other equipment?

Students and teachers must bring their own stationery, equipment or accessories (i.e. laptops, tablets, headphones, etc.) Students are not allowed to share their stationery and other equipment with others. All materials must be clearly marked with the name of the child and the class.

Textbooks and workbooks are distributed through the school.

For hygienic reasons, all children in the kindergarten need their own case (sloppy pencil case) with painting and handicraft utensils (colored pencils, glue, children’s scissors, sharpener), which they must also take home with them every day in order to exclude the risk of transmission when third parties clean the group room every day.

Depending on the project, further materials may be required, i.e. the contents of the pencil case will be extended. The KG teachers will inform you in time.

How can I buy materials in the school shop?

Parents have the possibility to order school materials via the e-mail address Please write the Emails in English only. Please find the price list will on our website. You can then make an appointment to pick up the materials and pay in cash. Alternatively, your child can also pay for and collect the materials.

Is it possible to rent lockers?

It is possible to rent lockers for students from grade 5 on. The rent costs AED100 per school year. Due to the distance measures, there are fewer lockers available than usual. Please send your requests to Mrs Ramona DMonte.

Will there be after-school activities?

The safety of the children is our priority. Therefore, we will not offer any after-school activities or school teams for the time being. In October we will re-assess the situation and inform you if and when after-school activities /school teams can be offered again.

Will the building and the class/group rooms be disinfected?

The school follows the guidelines for cleaning and disinfection of the buildings and rooms as set by the authorities.

The air conditioning systems in all rooms are regularly cleaned and maintained thoroughly by the technical service staff. The school has FAHCs (Fresh Air Handling Units), which permanently draw in fresh air from outside, filter, clean and cool it and let it into the building. The old air is discharged to the outside.

Can I book the school bus?

Starting this school year, the external school company STS is offering the DISD school bus service. A capacity of 50% is specified for the school buses. The corresponding requirements of the authorities will be met. The safety protocols of STS can be viewed here soon. On our website you will find further information and the link to book the bus service. Your STS contact person at DISD is Mrs. Lyena Cerezo; e-mail:; mobile: +0971(0)505221360

Will P.E. lessons take place?

Yes. In order to be able to teach sports as relaxed as possible, we would like to inform you today about the following important rules, which are part of the KHDA and DHA regulations and which we have to follow. Please discuss them with your children. Thank you very much!

Important rules for sports
 On the day of the sports lessons, the children arrive in their sports uniform and keep it on for the whole day. The changing rooms are closed.
 No water dispensers may be set up, so your children need to bring sufficient drinks.
 The sports area may only be entered with the water bottle. All other school materials remain in the assigned classroom.
 Strenuous sports may be done without a mask, but only with 2m distance between the students. Please give your children spare masks, preferably in a sealable plastic bag with their name on it.
 It is not allowed to change any material during sports lessons. This means that your child is only allowed to do sports with the ball or device that is assigned to him/her.
 Please buy a yoga mat for your children in the next 2 weeks, which they will bring to the gym class.
 Please do not bring own balls for the break times!
 At the moment it is still too hot outside, so we cannot use the outdoor area. As soon as the temperatures drop, we will be outside as much as possible.
 Swimming lessons and contact sports are not allowed until further notice.

During the first two weeks we will use the sports lessons to train the running routes and special hygiene rules or requirements of the authorities. We hope that we will be able to offer regular sports lessons as soon as possible and will keep you informed about new developments.

Students in distance learning are encouraged to use the sports lesson for a movement unit. We recommend the videos from our playlists for Primary School, Grade 5-8 and Grade 10-12 . 

Will there be class trips and excursions this school year?

Class trips and excursions will not take place due to current restrictions. We are continuing to monitor the current situation and will evaluate the situation on an ongoing basis and inform you if there are any changes.

Where can I read all KHDA requirements for reopening schools?

Please read the document “Protocols for the Reopening of Private Schools in Dubai” on the Safety at School Website of KHDA.

Please find all information on our Covid-19 info page.