Year 3 at Henkel Science World

The new year already started with an exciting excursion for the third graders of DISD. They all visited the Henkel Science World (Forscherwelt) in Children’s City to experience how to get some exposure in science. Together with the scientific staff of the Henkel Forscherwelt, the children learned how to make glue themselves and what is needed to make it. After the children had been divided into groups, wearing their protection coats and goggles, the experiments could begin with the researchers from Henkel. The first step was to examine various foods of their starch content, because starch is the basis of glue. The children made some impressive discoveries during the process. Then they set of to work. In their small groups, the children showed not only curiosity and a thirst for research, but also team spirit. The result: a great experience – a sticky result and an unforgettable day at the Henkel Forscherwelt.

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