“World Café” for the mission statement development

In order to concretise the development of the school’s mission statement and with the aim of letting all those involved have their say and to develop a common understanding, Michael Lummel, principal of the school, invited to so-called “World Cafés” in the week before the fall holidays. With this method, as many ideas as possible are collected and documented on the tablecloths in discussion rounds in groups (in a coffee house atmosphere) in a short time, by changing tables after approx. 10 minutes. For each of the six guiding pillars there was a table at which a moderator received the groups and wrote down the results.


On Sunday morning the “World Café” took place for the students’ representatives and on Monday evening, before the parents’ council meeting, all parents were invited to the canteen for an exchange. Many parents took the opportunity to contribute their ideas for the school’s development. The “World Café” for the employees then took place on Wednesday morning during the first two hours of the teacher study days. The contributions won now serve as a basis for SMARTe (i.e. specific, measurable, attractive, realistic and timed) goals in the school development plan.