Wellbeing-Project in Primary School

Since a couple of weeks, DISD School Nurse Mrs Hilde Arnold has been working together with the Primary School Teachers to introduce the project “Awareness and Healthy Lunch Box” in Primary School. She usually visits one class for 5 days in a row and speaks to them about their Wellbeing. At the the end of the week, students have learned about how different aspects, like healthy eating, self care and security in the car or school bus are important for their overall Wellbeing.

Mrs Arnold has developed a Work sheet for them, where they receive points for the healthy contents of their lunch box, like fruits, vegetables and whole wheat bread, as well as the brushing their teeth twice per day, sufficient sleep and regular exercise. Each day for one week the work sheet is filled out and students usually try to receive as many points as possible in changing their habits or asking their parents to pack a healthier lunch.

Furthermore, Mrs Arnold leads a 3 minute meditation with them. It becomes easier and easier for the students to remain still and concentrate. After a few days, most really enjoy it and recognize that they are able to focus better after the meditation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an E-Mail to Mrs Arnold.