Getting to know the local culture through the eyes of University Students

On Thursday, 25 April 2019 the 11th and 12th graders, along with Mrs von Häfen, Mrs Jaskolski and Mrs Kolburan, had the chance to visit the Zayed University. We spent a really great day.

Beforehand, we had prepared presentations about Germany to inform the students about our home country. We had also brought traditional German food. From potato salad to Kaiserschmarrn, there was a great range of delicious typical dishes.

After having driven only for a few minutes to the nearby university building, we were warmly welcomed by the Emirati students and their teacher Sheila Barry and were shown around the building.

We were led to a room where we put down our food. More and more people arrived and after we had been served masala chai, better known as karak tea, as well as coffee, the event started.

We first listened to the presentations by the Emirati students and learned about their favorite music as well as fashion designers and also Instagram profiles of famous people of the Gulf region. Afterwards, we continued with our presentations about basic facts of Germany as well as important holidays. With regard to our Christmas traditions, we had baked Christmas cookies, which the Emirati students were invited to decorate with us. It was a completely new experience for them and they had a lot of fun.

It really has been a great event and we thank the Zayed University and especially Sheila Barry to having had the chance of going.

Text: Danit McCaulay-Herzog, 11b