Visit of DISS for German Unification Day

On October 14th, our 10th and 9th grade stormed the Bibliothopia together with the students from German International School Sharjah. Chairs were already set up, coffee smell hangs in the air. For the bi-annual visit of the Sharjah students, the aim was to present the German unity as a play in group work. At first the students formed groups on topics like “Everyday Life in the GDR” or “9th November”. The first group played a group of teenagers who complain about the restrictions in the GDR and planned an escape more for fun, but were later arrested because their sister betrayed them.

The atmosphere was great. The students from Sharjah and Dubai already knew each other and were happy to spend the day together. Next year our 10th grade is again invited to Sharjah.


Text: Jessica Scherneck, DISD-librarian