The regional networking conference at DISD

The principals, heads of administration and members of board of 14 German schools abroad from the Middle East and Turkey met for a networking conference from February 15th – 17th at DISD. Goal of the event was to strengthen the solidarity, knowledge transfer and cooperation between the 14 schools. The event was opened with a lecture by Mr Klaus Poelke about leading the school as a “non-trivial system”. He stressed the importance of the concept lateral leadership with power, trust and communication as decisive influencing factors. During the conference he was supported in the coordination and hosting of sessions by the process facilitator of the region, Mr Birger Reese as well as the regional commissioner Dr. Hans Brügmann.

The more than 40 guests dealt with their understanding of cooperation and their roles within the network intensively and worked in different groups on the conditions for success and struggle for the school development at a German school abroad. Hereby questions like recruitment and knowledge management were emphasized.

In the end, the participants commended the great organization of the conference through the administration of DISD and stressed the importance of the conference to build a successful network in the region. “It was a good impulse and motivation to further develop the cooperation in the region” a participant commented at the end of the conference.

Text: Birger Reese