“The City is our Classroom”

“The City is our Classroom” – Project Week of Grade 6

Grade 6 of DISD spent this year’s project week discovering Dubai in the course of the project “The City is our Classroom” – based on the DISD mission statement, whose pillar “Excellent Learning Environment” also includes the city and region.

In the process, classes 6a, b and c gained an in-depth insight into Emirati history and culture, an important part of the subject “Social Studies” in the UAE.

They visited the Dubai Frame and the Louvre and thus gained many new impressions about the emergence of the UAE and the plans for the future of the country.

The week began with a highlight: the first project day with the topic “Religion and Religious Diversity in the UAE”. According to the motto “The City is our Classroom”, a mosque was visited, an important building in an Islamic country like the UAE. Afterwards, however, the connection to the majority religion in Germany, Christianity, was also drawn. Thus the intercultural but also interreligious competences of the pupils could be challenged and promoted. These are lived every day at DISD, as the majority of the students belong to Christianity or Islam and deal with it respectfully and openly, it is quite normal for them! In the subjects Moral Education and Ethics they learn about the world religions and celebrate religious festivals such as Christmas and the holidays around Ramadan together.

Further information on the project day “Religion and Religious Diversity in the UAE” can be found here.

On the second day they visited Dubai Frame and got a tour of Dubai’s origins and future.

The students found the view of Old and New Dubai particularly worth seeing.

Afterwards they enjoyed Emirati delicacies in a traditional restaurant.

On the last day they visited the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi and had the opportunity to participate in exciting art workshops.

On the last day of the project week,  grade 6 first had a delicious healthy breakfast organised by the parents, and then they presented the results of their project week to their parents and classmates. During the project week the pupils not only learned a lot about their place of living but also about creative forms of presentation. The project week was a complete success and the students had a lot of fun! Many thanks to the responsible teachers: Mrs. Wingrich, Mr. Herz, Mrs. Pienkny, Mrs. Kolburan.


Text: Mrs Kolburan, Mrs Pienkny
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